Vinyl Exams Podcast

In this episode of Vinyl Exams, Joe, Kevin, and special guest Mik talk about all things METAL! They discuss Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Dio, and find out which metal bands are most like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. They also find out just how many different kinds of metal there are, and […] Read More >>

It’s year in review time at Vinyl Exams, and Joe and Kevin have some very different opinions on the state of the music industry. Tune in for the guys lobbying for their favorite albums and tracks of the year, and find out why Yeezus is like The Hobbit. Read More >>

In this episode, the guys discuss movie soundtracks, film scores, and Disney. Plus they tackle two of the soundtrackiest soundtracks of them all: Flash Gordon and A Kind Of Magic, from the one and only Queen! Read More >>

Joe and Kevin dedicated an entire hour to talking about The Rolling Stones! They talk favorite songs, albums, and moments from the legendary band’s long and varied career, and as always agree and disagree on just about everything. Read More >>

In this episode, the guys discuss what happens when artists from great bands go solo, and Joe gives his extremely specific rules for all musicians. They also talk about Daft Punk’s 2001 album Discovery, and why Kevin doesn’t really dig electronic music. Plus Joe makes fun of Kevin for liking Air. Read More >>

On this month’s episode, Kevin and Joe talk about building their collections and how they enjoyed their Record Store Day. They’ll also hypothesize about Bruce Springsteen’s seminal work Born to Run, and butt heads over “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.” Who knew a brass section could be so divisive? Read More >>

The inaugural episode of Vinyl Exams, our brand new music podcast. Kevin & Joe discuss Record Store Day and consider what’s driving the resurgence of vinyl in a modern era of mp3s and cloud streaming services. We also gush over Elvis Costello’s 1977 debut album My Aim Is True and dig into pub rock and what […] Read More >>