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Technically Speaking

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Technically Speaking

What version of Windows needs to come out to make computers function like they do in movies? Almost every science fiction or action movie has some bizarre operating system that just slams images and animations at you no matter what the character is doing. Read More >>

After 10-years of enjoying my Sony 5.1 surround system, it has finally kicked the bucket forcing me to explore alternatives. With my minor case of OCD, a love for new tech, and living-space restrictions I decided to give Sound Bars a try. Read More >>

How do you put a price on revolution? That’s what Steve Jobs has given the world with Apple’s recent innovations. It’s true that he isn’t the sole reason why Apple seems to be one of the few companies that are continuing to increase sales each year, but he sure was the catalyst. Read More >>

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion from its cage. And as expected, it came with friends. Earier this morning, Apple officially released Mac OS X 10.7. For the first time ever though, it’s not available via disk. At this time, it is only available as a download through the Mac App Store. It’s […] Read More >>

Remember when you upgraded to iOS 5 beta 3 with your daily iDevice and wish you could just go back to 4.3.x to avoid all the bugs and get your apps to work properly agian? Yeah, me too… Apple has said that downgrading is impossible, which I am happy to say is not true. Read More >>

Earlier today, Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC to unveil the iCloud. There are many pieces that make up the iCloud but none more impressive than iTunes in the Cloud. Read More >>

Apple has announced that Steve Jobs will be on hand to unveil iOS 5, Lion and iCloud; Apple’s new “cloud services offering” on Monday, June 6th. Read More >>

Happy Birthday, YouTube

by Pat B on May 25, 2011

There are many options out there to remotely connect to your computer via phone or tablet. However, there’s one that stands out from the others. Read More >>

Earlier today, Google officially announced Music Beta; a cloud service that allows you to upload your own music to their server and play it back on your Android device. To the (Google) cloud!! Read More >>

HBO has gone mobile.

Society 6 has released a fun, new case for your iPhones. Steve Jobs frozen in carbonite. Which asks the question: If Steve Jobs is in the carbonite then who the hell is Vader? -Doug Follow me on Twitter @MrDougRobinson Source: Society 6 , TUAW Read More >>

It’s more than meets the eye. No? Fine… Has ASUS figured out how to compete with Apple in this Post PC market? Only time will tell but it seems they’re at least moving in the right direction. So if you like your tablets with more of an “open” OS and without a piece of partially eaten […] Read More >>

Apple is suing again. Have you recovered from that shocking news? Ok, good. The idea of Apple going after some other company isn’t really news at all anymore. They filed lawsuits against HTC and Motorola last year alone. But this time, well, it is news. Read More >>

this time they mean it...maybe

Bloomberg is reporting that the mythical white iPhone 4 will be shipping within the “next few weeks” according to sources. Should you care? Yes. Maybe. Read More >>

  Interesting fact: Nowhere on the packaging does Apple refer to it as “iPad 2”. Let’s get it out of the way early; is the iPad 2 worth the $500 (at least) investment? The answer is sort of… If you’re in the market for Apple’s new shiny toy you’re in one of two camps. The […] Read More >>