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Though I was an avid Sega Genesis player back in the day, I didn’t play Crystal’s Pony Tale until I was in my twenties. One day, I was reminiscing with online game emulators and randomly came across this cute little game with its My Little Pony-style cover art and charming title. I’m not sure why […] Read More >>

                  The Little Mermaid for NES is very special to me because it is the first video game I ever beat. Also: you get to be a mermaid! Not just any mermaid, but the queen herself, Ariel. I lived for this Disney movie when I was little. […] Read More >>

The Barbie game for Nintendo was the first “pretty” video game I ever played. I had played plenty of video games before in my six years of life; this was just the first pretty game I remember playing. Barbie NES is an oldschool sidescroller with clumsy controls and minimal puzzle solving. You mostly need to […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E10: “Valar Morghulis”- Joe’s Rating~”A” I can officially say that Game of Thrones is probably going to follow the same pattern next year as it did this season and the one before. Not to say that’s bad (if it aint broke…) but predictability in a show (and series) that prides itself on […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E9: “Blackwater”- Joe’s Rating~”A” Blackwater, it conjures images of the inky darkness of the primeval depths. It’s suffocating and swallowing. It represents death. The second season has been building to this moment. This is supposed to be the moment Joffrey gets what’s coming to him. And we open on the armada of […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E6: “The Prince of Winterfell”- Joe’s Rating~”C-” Oh hey, there’s Jon and Ygritte, I wonder if she’ll make some jokes about Jon masturbating? Probably, but before then we meet a lieutenant in the ranks of Mance Rayder by the name of Rattleshirt. It seems the Wildlings took Qhoren and the other rangers […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E6: “A Man Without Honor”- Joe’s Rating~”A” Oops, looks like Theon’s having a bad morning. First he finds out Bran and Rickon are gone, and now he hurts his hand on a big fat iron man jaw. Well anyway he’s hot on the runaway princes trail, but right as he seems to […] Read More >>

Fringe wrapped up its fourth season tonight, which I suppose might be a good chance for reflection. But I’m finding that difficult, both because of the unevenness of the season’s storylines and because of FOX’s erratic schedule, causing Fringe to disappear from our TVs for months at a time. Someday in the future I’ll be […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E6: “The Old Gods and the New”- Joe’s Rating~”A” Winterfell has fallen, it seems Theon’s gamble of taking Torrhen’s Square has paid off. Bran’s dream from last week of the ocean swelling over Winterfell has come true as the Iron Men take Winterfell in a chancy gambit. However even as Theon has […] Read More >>

I’m not going to grade this week’s episode, because I’d rather wait to see how “Brave New World” plays out. And there was a lot this week that raised some interesting questions (and a few not so interesting ones) that should give us a lot to chew on over the summer. By the end of […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E5: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”- Joe’s Rating~”B” After the great vagina baby of last week, we return to Renly’s camp to see him and Catelyn coming to agreement. Oh but the smoke vagina baby has other things in mind as it kills off Renly making there one less king in the kingdom. […] Read More >>

Before we get to “Worlds Apart,” the big news of the week is that FOX has pulled the trigger on ordering that shortened fifth and final season of Fringe, with 13 episodes airing likely this fall/winter. The episode total will just hit 100, the magic number for syndication, which as we all know is where […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E4: “Garden of Bones”- Joe’s Rating~”C” One thing Game of Thrones has done really well this season  is contrasting the larger world of politics in Westeros with the thoughts and ideas of the common man. Unfortunately that moment which opens this episode is cut short by an ambushing  army of the North. […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E3: “What is Dead May Never Die”- Joe’s Rating~”C” At the Red Keep, Tyrion plots three alliances through the promise of marriage. Catelyn arrives in the Stormlands to forge an alliance of her own. But King Renly, his new wife Margaery and her brother Loras Tyrell have other plans. At Winterfell, Luwin […] Read More >>

This weekend was C2E2, as we’ve been writing about extensively on this very site, so it’s taken some time to sit down and give this week’s Fringe a proper write-up. Unfortunately my DVR missed the first 15 minutes for whatever reason (it’s Comcastic!), so I missed the initial premise involving a crashed plane that brought […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E2: “The Night Lands”- Joe’s Rating~”B” Need to catch up? The Night Lands are the place Dothraki souls go after death, but how sad is it that many of our cast of characters are essentially living at that moment right before death? Arya was taught to tell death “not today”, but here […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S2E1: “The North Remembers”- Joe’s Rating~”B” Need to catch up? How mad the boy king has grown. The Hounds words to Sansa regarding how she reacts to Joffrey grow more and more pertinent as we see the excesses of his rule. Joffrey seeks reaction, and Sansa refuses to give in. However, now […] Read More >>

Fringe doesn’t often bring back its Freaks of the Week, but the triumphant return of the spiny-backed Marshall Bowman, who we first met in the Season 1 episode “The Transformation.” The fake-out in the cold open was, at first, less than gratifying, especially once it became clear Bowman was going to transform Hulk-style on the […] Read More >>

First: a confession. Over the last few weeks, my recaps of Fringe have slipped both in length and quality, which is something I’m not terribly proud of. Sure, my excuses are a full-time job and a different, much larger writing project I’ve been working on, plus just having bought our first house; still, because my […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E13: “Beside the Dying Fire”- Joe’s Rating~”B” After last weeks shocking finale (that everyone saw coming), I fully expected this episode to continue right were we left off. Instead we get a little backstory into the massive walker horde headed to Herschel’s farm. It was almost quaint in the way the horde […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E12: “Better Angels”- Joe’s Rating~”C” For last week’s episode s2E11 ”  I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E11: “Judge, Jury, Executioner”- Joe’s Rating~”C-” Well, you knew the gravy train of  amazing episodes would eventually lead to a dead stop against the brick wall boredom. “Triggerfinger” , “Nebraska”  and last week’s “18 Miles Out” had the brutal violence to show us that civilization was collapsing. So what does this weeks […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E10: “18 Miles Out”- Joe’s Rating~”A” “18 Miles Out”, though a great name for a Christian rock band, was an episode with a lot to prove. Both last week’s “Triggerfinger” and “Nebraska” were episodes that I expected to see from “The Walking Dead”, full of action and great zombie scenes. however, the […] Read More >>

The Observers! Mysteries revealed! A race against the clock! This week’s Fringe made some big promises, and it certainly delivered on some of them. While this wasn’t the shocker some might have been expecting — you know, those episodes where you go “Ohhhhhhhh!” after a big reveal — it was a solid episode, driven by […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E9: “Triggerfinger”- Joe’s Rating~”A-” After unclogging a disgusting sink and arising from my crawl space smelling of the living dead, I felt pretty damned prepared for tonight’s episode. Boy was I wrong. I thought I was going to be in for another week of “Gee, I wonder what consequences our actions will […] Read More >>

Peter just can’t catch a break, can he? When he showed up in the middle of a lake this season, surrounded by versions of the people he knew and loved who had no idea who he was, it took weeks for him to final gain some small acceptance. Walter was the hardest to win over, […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E8: “Nebraska”- Joe’s Rating~”B” Midseason breaks are always difficult to contend with, on one hand you create high tension amongst the die hard fans, but on the other, in the case of the walking dead, you could quite possibly lose the momentum it took you all season to gain. “Nebraska” starts right […] Read More >>

Universes colliding, realities merging, bizarre events that defy the natural world: Mulder and Scully sure have a lot on their hands this week. There was a vintage X-Files feel to Fringe this week, which makes sense, because the supernatural adventures of Mulder and Scully have always been a major part of Fringe’s DNA. It’s easy […] Read More >>

This week’s Fringe was a bit of a head-scratcher. After last week took some time off from the main storyline to give us a few quiet character moments, “Making Angels” took a similar approach, forgoing heavy action and pursuit for more dialogue and story, but the story was richer, more focused on our characters. It […] Read More >>

A bald guy with a gunshot wound shows up to tell you he has predicted your inevitable death. Who better to conveniently appear next but a girl with precognitive abilities who can see when and how you’re going to die? “Forced Perspective” was a breather, a step back from the high tension and action of […] Read More >>

This week’s Fringe picks up right where last week’s “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” left off, with Peter getting Walternate’s help to get home in exchange for spreading the word that Walternate isn’t behind the new race of shape-shifters. Peter is becoming increasingly desperate to get home, but as expected, it’s not going to […] Read More >>

I’ve been looking forward to the return of Fringe, despite my misgivings about this season. It’s been feeling more disjointed, fragmented, as if the story wasn’t fully realized before they started shooting episodes. “Back To Where You’ve Never Been,” the first episode after the lengthy winter break, is the first episode of the fourth season […] Read More >>

Doctor Who- “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” Joe’s Rating~ B Well ladies and gentlemen, after almost 3 months off, The Doctor returns in another Christmas special. Where we last left The Doctor, at the end of “The Wedding of River Song”, we learned that The Silence is dedicated to averting The Doctor’s terrifying […] Read More >>

You can say that 2011 was the year that ushered in the arrival of the first 1990’s revival. If the 3 previous decades are any indication, this will not be the last return to the Clinton years this decade. 20th year anniversary reissues by Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins along with the release of the PJ20, […] Read More >>

The titles of tonight’s episodes really sum up this show, don’t they? First, the bad guys show up and there’s an “Occupation,” then the good guys form a “Resistance.” When you can surmise the entire scope of an episode—a season finale, no less!—from skimming the information on your program guide, you know you’re in for […] Read More >>

Well, here we are. Next week is the “epic” (according to the FOX promos) season finale of Terra Nova, but first we have tonight’s hour of slapdash sci-fi to get through. You know, writing episode recaps of a show you really like and appreciate can be as exhausting as it is rewarding; writing about this […] Read More >>

"Eh, this show sucks. Let's bail."

I have some vacation time from my day job to use before the end of the year, so I spent today unwinding from the holiday weekend, putting up a Christmas tree, and catching up with the current season of Boardwalk Empire. A show like Boardwalk, with its detailed set and costumes, grand storylines and shorter, […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E7: “Pretty Much Dead Already”- Joe’s Rating~”A” The realm of the internet is a scary place. One might even argue it’s scarier than Herschel’s barn. I think it is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into a show that even though the entire lot of a show can be spoiled, the […] Read More >>

Watching Terra Nova week after week, I often find myself wondering how good of a police officer Jim is supposed to be. In the pilot, we only got a brief glimpse of the Shannons’ lives in 2149, and in those few minutes Jim a) failed to hide his daughter from the Population Control enforcers and […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead s2E6: Secrets- Joe’s Rating~ “B-” Every man is entitled to a blow up every once in a while. What people don’t seem to realize with Rick is that the man is running on empty. People are looking to him for answers, and he doesn’t have them. All he has left is screaming. Read More >>

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

With only two episodes left in the first season, Terra Nova fans (yes, there are fans of this show, just as there are fans of every show, defying expectations and reason in the process) are likely going to be waiting a long time before finding out whether there will be a second one. Ratings have […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead S2E5: “Chupacabra” – Joe’s Rating~ A The first thing I ever really learned in Spanish (not counting what I absorbed through years of my parent’s placing me in front of Sesame Street) was that Chupacabra literally means “goat sucker.” However the Chupacabra is a creature of folklore much like the zombies our […] Read More >>

Last week’s episode gave us a pretty good idea how Peter’s return would affect those around him, particularly Walter and Olivia. We’ll see how Walter deals with this sudden gift, after having spent the years since his Peter’s death punishing himself, convinced that he doesn’t deserve any sort of happiness. And how will Olivia deal […] Read More >>

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Terra Nova’s executive producers, René Echevarria and Brannon Braga, talk fairly optimistically about the show’s direction for the season and how it will set up a second. They confirm that while the show originally indicated it might take a more serialized direction, what with all the mysteries involving […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead S2E4: “Cherokee Rose”- Joe’s Rating~B It’s day 3 of the search for Sophia, and things are actually looking up for the survivors, but even at the end of the world human drama still remains. Read More >>

During the two weeks off, I confess I didn’t give a lot of thought to Fringe and its storyline this season. Recently, though, I re-watched the still very good “Subject 9,” which, as I mentioned in my review, felt like a throwback to the first season. It was more capsulized, however; the bizarre occurrence of […] Read More >>

Welcome back to Terra Nova, everyone! For those adventurous souls still sticking with the time traveling wackiness, I applaud you. We are a resolute group indeed, unphased by things like falling ratings, hack writing, and mediocre, occasionally cringe-worthy acting. We’re in this show for the long haul, and if FOX decides Terra Nova’s time slot […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead S1E3: “Save the Last One”- Joe’s rating~ B How far is too far when trying to survive? I almost didn’t survive tonight’s Treehouse of Horror, did I make it through “The Walking Dead”? Read More >>

The Walking Dead S2E2: Bloodletting- Joe’s Rating~B What!? Carl’s shot! Did the deer do it? Read More >>

Last week’s episode, “What Remains,” was hokey and full of clichés, but it did have a few interesting character moments that spoke to motivations and backstory. “The Runaway,” on the other hand, had none of that, and instead used a weak, played out story about double-crossing spies and disobeying orders to save the day to […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead S2E1- “What Lies Ahead”~Joe’s Rating A- “This is a Graveyard. I don’t know how I feel about this.” – Laurie Read More >>

  If last week’s episode felt like a good old-fashioned episode of business-as-usual, tonight’s episode “Subject 9” reminded me of the first season: Walter at odds with Massive Dynamic, the emphasis on Cortexiphan and Walter’s early studies, fears about St. Claire’s. Most of the episode featured Olivia and Walter together, discussing Walter’s fears about his […] Read More >>

Sigh. Here’s the thing. My recaps of Terra Nova so far have been from the perspective of someone genuinely excited about the show and its possibilities, and also someone who feels obligated to support it because of network television’s relationship to science fiction, which historically has been spotty at best and openly hostile at worst. […] Read More >>

In a lot of ways, tonight’s Fringe is just another day at the office, with Fringe Division taking on a killer fungus and a race against the clock to save a little boy’s life. It’s a plot straight out of The X-Files, Fringe’s spiritual forefather, but with a touch of the character studies we’ve grown […] Read More >>

OK, so my A- grade last week might have been a bit generous. It’s hard to evaluate the first glimpse of a show that you know has immense potential and delivers a premise that is pretty much a nonstop geek-out. Realistically it was probably somewhere around a B or a B+ … but come on, […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E13- “The Wedding of River Song” Joe’s Rating~ A- Well we’ve been dreading/anticipating the conclusion to this season’s big mystery about the death of the our beloved Doctor. Now with the playing field leveled we finally can ask the question: Was the wait worth it? Read More >>

Last week, Fringe did what it does best after a big cliffhanger: carried on as if nothing happened. While there were hints at the big “Where is Peter Bishop?” storyline, the bulk of the episode was a straightforward Freak-of-the-Week introducing how our Lincoln Lee would be working with Fringe Division. “One Night in October” continues […] Read More >>

If there’s one new show of this fall season that has my fellow Planet Arbitrarians and I most excited, it’s definitely Terra Nova (and also New Girl). The series plans to ask big questions about human nature, such as whether the sins of our race can be avoided by simply starting over, and whether starting […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E12- “Closing Time”  Joe’s Rating~C With one episode left, it seems to be a swan song for The Doctor, and like Doc10 before him, he spends a little time visiting some old friends. Read More >>

Hey, everybody, Fringe is back! Thanks for joining me for this inaugural edition of Spoiler Heavy Reviews for Fringe, and we’ll have all the lens flares and awkward Walterisms you can handle. Ever since FOX’s decision to move the show to the dreaded Friday night death slot (9 PM EST), fans have been anxiously keeping […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E11- “The God Complex” Joe’s Rating~ A I often wonder if writers come up with titles first or last. Because I seriously think Toby Whithouse thought he was clever as shit when he said “and it’s called The God Complex! Get it? ‘Cause there’s a double meaning!” Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E10- “The Girl Who Waited” Joe’s Rating~ A Well, after several weeks with our companions in the background, it becomes a regular Pond-imonium! No, I’m not sorry for that pun, I regret nothing. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E8 “Night Terrors” ~ Joe’s Rating “B” This week The Doctor and crew have an adventure that would make Rod Serling proud, or at least sue the pants off of Steven Moffet. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E8 “Let’s Kill Hitler” ~ Joe’s Rating “A” When we last saw the “Good Man” he was going to war, and it turns out this week that he was going to war with Hitler! Ok, not really, but even though the episode disappoints probably one of the greatest titles in the history of […] Read More >>

Conan The Barbarian (2011) ~ B- What is best in Life? Well it’s not the new Conan the Barbarian, but ya’ know what? It’s definitely not the worst. To start I’m going to say that I’m not going to compare this movie to the 1982 movie. enough critics are going to do that. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E10 “Fire and Blood” ~ Joe’s Rating “B” I think it’s fair to say that the real finale of the show was last week, and this week is merely a prelude to next season. However, with that being said, next season looks like it is going to rock. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E9 “Baelor”~ Joe’s Rating “B+” If you had a choice between Honor and Family which would you choose? Well we in this, the penultimate, episode we get to see what  ole’ Neddy will choose. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E7 “A Good Man Goes to War” ~ Joe’s Rating “A” The midseason finally is here, and now we have to wait a good 3 months to catch up with the Whoobie gang. Well, Moffet’s been building this episode’s big cliffhanmger/suprise/twist since it was announced their would be a midseason hiatus, was it […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E6 “The Almost People” ~ Joe’s rating “B” We’re at the penultimate episode of the first half of the season, and I have a few things to get off of my chest… Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E8 “The Pointy End”~Joe’s Rating “A” The countdown has begun and here at the penultimate penultimate episode we see the ruins made of Ned Starks’ pointless coup, and out of the ashes a new rebellion springs to usurp the rule of the boy king. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E7 “You Win or You Die” ~ Joe’s rating  “B+” This season is rapidly coming to a close, and dominoes are falling faster and faster as we approach the finale. This week we once again see a battle of minds as opposed to the battle with swords we saw last week, and […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E6 ~ Joe’s Rating “A” Here we are getting to the latter half of the first season, and after a couple of rough episodes,  This week and lasts have proven that this series has legs. (Well the series has legs, Eddard only has the singular leg this episode. Read More >>

  Doctor Who S6E5 “The Rebel Flesh” ~ Joe’s Rating (C+ pending the concluding episode) FLARG!!!! The midseason finale doth approcheth and this week we get another MOW and hastily added relation to Amy’s Schrodinger’s womb syndrome Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E5 “The Wolf and The Lion” ~ Joe’s Rating “A-” We have finally reached the midpoint of the season, and they kicked it up a notch by giving us some action and some really crazy characters. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E4 “The Doctor’s Wife” – Joe’s Rating  A+ I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most anticipated episodes of Doctor Who in the last 3 years. Not since Douglas Adams has such a well respected author written for The Doctor. This is the famous Neil Gaiman episode. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E4 “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” – Joe’s Rating: C A really appropriate title for an episode that hobbled along this week. Read More >>

Nerd School: Doctor Who S6E3 “The Curse of the Black Spot”- Joe’s Rating C- It’s time for the third episode of the season, and this time it looks like the Doctaaaaaaaargh (see what I did there) is going all Cap’n Jack (and I don’t mean Harkness). Read More >>

Game of Thrones: “Lord Snow”  – Joe’s rating: B If the first episode of this season focused on moving the plot, and the second built character, then what does this episode show us. This episode is all about pain. We know our characters, we know (somewhat) what their motivations are, so now we get to […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E2 “Day of the Moon” –  Joe’s rating: B- Second episode time, and boy will this one have mixed reviews Read More >>

Here we are at week two and overall a DRAMATIC improvement over the premiere. My biggest complaint with last week was the overall lack of character development, and here they switched it up with the plot inching forward but the characters making major strides. Read More >>

First off, I’m so happy that The doctor is back! So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First, how awesome is that title?! One thing I love about sci-fi is great titles. “The Impossible Astronaut” just sounds like a great Bradbury or Asimov short story. Hell it even sounds like a single off Bowie’s […] Read More >>

So a lot of negative/kinda crazy reviews have been flying around online Like here and here, but I’ve been ignoring them all in favor of watching the first episode unadulterated. Fuck, I’ve even ignored all of the mini episodes HBO has been putting out. Let’s face it, I’m a fantasy fan, a Martin Whore, a bitch […] Read More >>