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Though I was an avid Sega Genesis player back in the day, I didn’t play Crystal’s Pony Tale until I was in my twenties. One day, I was reminiscing with online game emulators and randomly came across this cute little game with its My Little Pony-style cover art and charming title. I’m not sure why […] Read More >>

                  The Little Mermaid for NES is very special to me because it is the first video game I ever beat. Also: you get to be a mermaid! Not just any mermaid, but the queen herself, Ariel. I lived for this Disney movie when I was little. […] Read More >>

The Barbie game for Nintendo was the first “pretty” video game I ever played. I had played plenty of video games before in my six years of life; this was just the first pretty game I remember playing. Barbie NES is an oldschool sidescroller with clumsy controls and minimal puzzle solving. You mostly need to […] Read More >>

We open with a little girl in a white dress, humming to herself and gathering flowers in the forest. She’s either going to turn into a hideous fucking demon or die a horrible fucking death. I’ve seen enough TV to know this. At first, I thought it was a young Abbie, then I realized I […] Read More >>

While on vacation in Europe, I saw the sights, ate some amazing food, got robbed, and found some great video game stores. It was tough, but I managed to settle on a small selection of games to bring back to the States with me, just enough to fit in my carry-on luggage. This week, I’m […] Read More >>

We open with a weird fish-eye blurred edges camera shot to show we’re in the past (just in case the fact that the characters are in colonial garb and the date December 16, 1773 flashes across the screen are too ambiguous), which reminds me of the snake vision from Snake on a Plane, but I […] Read More >>

This week I’m reviewing a game that honestly, I’ve been dreading to review. It’s a game that, until recently, was lost in my past and forgotten like high school Algebra. When my friends and I would play it together, the games were so intense and competitive that anyone that won a game felt like they […] Read More >>

What happens when a game developer that mainly creates golf games takes a swing at developing a game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy? They make a space shooter with wire frame graphics of course. What did you think I was going to say “Make a golf game”? Well, they did that too but the Virtual […] Read More >>

I was recently playing a little Sega Master System when I decided to pop in After Burner. It’s easily one of my favorite Master System games as I’ve always had a fascination with it after I saw the original arcade version for the first time. It was one of the first sit down arcade games […] Read More >>

I’m finally back and it feels so good to be getting back into the swing of things. I posted my last review back in early June and since then, I’ve played a lot of games that I was hoping to do reviews on. Unfortunately, I was playing games like Porky’s: The Video Game for the […] Read More >>

After last weeks “Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi debacle”, I decided to give fighting games a shot at redemption this week. I’m glad I did because the game I chose not only redeems fighting games, it redeems an entire game console. A few weeks ago, I picked up Galaxy Fight for the Sega Saturn […] Read More >>

Until recently, video games based on movies have always been historically bad. Games like Top Gun for the NES, Lethal Weapon for the Super Nintendo, Enter the Matrix for the Playstation 2, or the grand daddy of them all, E.T. for Atari, are considered some of the worst games ever made. It’s not the games […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, here we are, the 100th retro video game review. Now, I don’t want to spend the whole review getting all sappy reminiscing about reviews gone by but, I do want to take a moment to thank all of you guys, and by guys, I mean that one guy that commented on one […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! In honor of the upcoming C2E2 Comic and Entertainment Expo later this month in Chicago, I’m going to review another game based on the world of comic books. Last week was Marvel’s turn with my review of X-Men: Children of the Atom. Now it’s DC’s turn as I review Acclaim’s Justice League: Task […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This weeks review is a very special one. I’ve been waiting six months to do this review and now the time has finally come. Why six months? Well, I ordered the game I’m reviewing from Japan and, due to a shipping error and a couple failed resend attempts, it took a total of […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week, I’m slowing things down a bit after struggling through my last review on Power Drome. That game’s insane speed left me with knots in my stomach and chunks in my throat that dangerously approached the point of no return. I figured a top down shooter would be a nice break this […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This weeks review is kind of a special one since it’s the first time I’m reviewing an original Xbox game. I guess I sort of overlooked the original Xbox as a retro console because well, it still holds its own against today’s consoles. Yet, the original Xbox was discontinued 6 years ago and […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I posted my review of Alien Breed 3D. If you heard the latest episode of the Play On! Podcast, then you heard me talk about how that was the hardest review I’ve ever written. I had to write that review from the perspective of a person that’s never […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Writing these game reviews over the past two years has been a very fun and educational experience for me. Not only have I learned more about the American gaming culture that I grew up in, but I’ve also learned about the gaming cultures others around the world have grown up in. I’ve learned […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Wow, do I have a treat for you for this week. I was out game hunting the other day and came across a Sega CD game I had never seen before, Road Avenger. Since I had just reviewed Road Rash last week, I still had a taste for battle driving video games so, […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! It always sucks to play a bad video game. It sucks even more when that game turns out to be the worst video game you’ve ever played. What’s worse than that is when it’s on a console that you love. This was the case last October when I reviewed “Hell: A Cyber-Punk Thriller” […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first retro game review of 2013! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work. I’m excited about this year-opening review because I get to welcome a new game console to the retro gaming community. If you didn’t see the news, Sony ended production of the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, this is my last retro game review of 2012. This past year flew by as it seems like it was only yesterday that I was kicking the year off with my Captain Skyhawk review. It was a great year for retro video games and retro video game collecting. The video game collecting […] Read More >>

Shinobi – Where it all began

by Pat B on December 8, 2012

Hello Everyone! Oh yeah, shits getting real now. Anyone that was a big fan of video games back in the late 80’s and early 90’s knows the name “Shinobi.” It’s a legendary name in the gaming community, so much so that speaking ill of it, or the games that followed it, is considered blasphemous. Shinobi […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, I’m finally back after a long Thanksgiving break. So, I’m gonna get back in the groove with a game that I’ve been meaning to review for a while. Space Harrier was the very first Sega Master System game I ever played. I remember the first time I saw it like it was […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Over the past three decades many, many, Star Wars video games have been released. Consoles from the Amstrad CPC all the way up to the PS3 have featured their own Star Wars titles. Over the years, gamers have taken to their favorite game like they’ve taken to their favorite Star Wars movie. Games […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Over the past year I’ve reviewed a handful of space shooter games. Games like Ikaruga, Super R-type, and Raiden have been given the retro review treatment. One thing all these games have in common, besides being space shooters, is that they don’t like you. These games are hard, ridiculously hard, like hard to […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week, I’m taking it easy as I’m still recovering from last weeks review of Hell: A Cyberpunk thriller, for the 3DO. Being that it’s the worst game I’ve ever played, I wanted to play a game this week that would act as a video game palette cleanser of sorts. You know, Something […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m reviewing the worst game I’ve ever played, Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller for the 3DO. I know in the past I’ve said games like The Final Gate and Virtuoso are some of the worst games I’ve ever played but Hell hands down beats ’em all. This game represents everything bad about […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m tackling a game that I’ve been meaning to review for a long time, The Daedalus Encounter. I used to play the PC version of this game back when I was a kid and I remember it being a frustrating experience. Manually configuring video and audio drivers was new to me […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! You didn’t think I was going to review just one Neo Geo Pocket Color game, did you? I’ve got the Pocket Color back in my hands this week to review a staple of SNK gaming, Metal Slug. The Metal Slug series had a decent run in the late 90’s spanning three handheld titles […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! The wait is finally over and this week I get to review a game and system that I’ve been wanting for a very long time. If you’ve ever read any of my previous reviews then you know how much I love the Neo Geo CD. In my opinion, it’s the perfect system. What […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m reviewing a game that, as a kid, I always wanted to like. Back when the local video store was still a thing, I used to rent this game over and over again desperately trying to like it. It features two of my all time favorite cartoon characters, Wile E. Coyote […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m fast forwarding a couple decades from the games of 80’s to the games of the early 2000’s. Actually, I’m stopping right on the year 2000 for this weeks review and playing Sword of the Beserk – Guts’ Rage for the Sega Dreamcast. This was a tricky game for me to […] Read More >>

Ghost House – The Sega….card?

by Pat B on September 5, 2012

Hello Everyone! In this weeks review, I’m going to stick with the Sega Master System and review Ghost House, a game that was released for the its card reader. Yes, you heard me right, card reader. The Master System has a separate card slot that allows you to play games that were released on the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This weeks review is an exciting one for me since I finally reviewed a game for my newly purchased Sega Master System. The only bad thing is that I chose to review Alex Kidd in Shinobi World. This game has so much going on both in the game and behind the scenes that […] Read More >>

24 years people. For the last 24 years Nintendo Power has been gracing our mailboxes telling us the latest news from Nintendo. Well, no more shall we see that classic Nintendo Power banner fly atop the cover of Nintendo’s only printed word magazine. Nintendo is pulling the plug on Nintendo Power with an undetermined number […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Back in February, I wrote a review on three classic Tron games for the Intellivision and Atari 2600. However, those weren’t the only Tron games released for the home consoles back in the day. There is another game that was released for the Intellivision back in 1982, Tron: Solar Sailer. A few months […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This past weekend, I went to the 2012 Chicago Comic-Con know as “Wizard World.” This was my second year going to the convention. Last year, I posted a game review after the convention talking about what it offers the video game community. Being that this is the Chicago Comic-Con and not the San […] Read More >>

As a proponent of the use of the digital medium in gaming, I was quite pleased when Steve, my co-host at “Game Classy”, told me of Privateer Press’ new app for smartphones and tablets.  The War Room, as it’s dubbed by its creators, is a whole lot packed into a little bundle. It’s free no […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Growing up, one of my all time favorite movies was Innerspace. You know, the movie where Dennis Quad pilots a small pod that gets miniaturized and injected into Martin Short’s body. Well, not long ago, I found a game for Intellivision that’s pretty much the same as Innerspace, Microsurgeon. Playing this game, I […] Read More >>

  Welcome to the second part of the Spider-Man birthday celebration! The first part kicked off with a look back on the classic “Spider-Man and the X-men in Arcade’s Revenge” for the Super Nintendo. Now we get to move into the present day and believe me, a lot has changed since the days of Super […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! It’s July 31st and that means tomorrow starts the Amazing Spider-Man’s Birthday! In the month of August way back in 1962, Spider-Man made his comic book debut in Amazing Fantasy #15. The rest is history from that point on. Spider-Man is one of the biggest and most recognizable comic book heroes of all […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m reviewing a game that I was very anxious and excited to play and review. Once I played it though all that excitement went bye-bye. I’m talking about Demolition Man for the Panasonic 3DO. This game had me all worked up in a tizzy since it’s a video game adaptation of […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! It’s good to finally be back! Over the last two weeks, my wife and I have been moving into our new place. It’s nice, we like it, unfortunately though, I had to disassemble my gaming setup which meant nothing to game on which also meant nothing to review. Since the consoles were packed […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Last week I talked about the Battletoads Double Dragon crossover video game and about how the awful game play killed the crossover novelty of the title. Well, this week I’m reviewing a game that teams up two comic book super powers in one game to create one of the most epic crossover games […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m going back to one of the greatest, or at least it could have been one of the greatest, crossover moments in video game history, Battletoads Double Dragon – The Ultimate Team for Super Nintendo. Crossovers are always fun whether it’s in movies, TV shows, comics, or video games. We always […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! As you may have noticed last week, I’ve been doing a little tinkering with the way my reviews are formatted. It’s in an effort to deliver more information to the gamers and the game collectors. I’ll still include my own personal thoughts and feelings about each game but at the same time, I’ll […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Over the last couple weeks, fellow Planet Arbitrarian, Joe, and myself, have taken a couple video game adventures to some game stores in the Chicago-land area. Check out this weeks Retro Game Review Podcast to hear all the flamboyant and scary details of the trips. On the scarier adventure, one of the games […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, I can’t believe I forgot about this game. U.N. Squadron was one of my all time favorite SNES games back in the day. It was one of the first SNES games I ever played as it belonged to that group of games that came out shortly after the Super Nintendo was released. […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m finally getting back to the Neo Geo CD. Ah yes, the Neo Geo, one of my most beloved video game consoles. I always love firing it up to play a game I’ve never played before because first, I know it’s going to be good, and second, you never know what […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Do you guys remember Dragon’s Lair? Yeah, me too. Any time I was in an arcade as a kid, I would stop to stare in wonderment at the game. It looked like my Saturday morning cartoons yet it was a video game, a hard video game. This game took more Quarters from kids […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! The Genesis has done it again. I don’t even know what to think about this thing anymore. While I was growing up, all I ever saw from the Genesis was crap. Sure, Sonic was good along with a couple other games but as for the rest of the game catalog, it was all […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! On the last Retro Game Review Podcast, you heard fellow Arbitrarian, Joe, and myself talk about fantasy video games. Well, last week my big brother gave me a fantasy video game as a gift for standing up in his wedding. At the grooms dinner, he gave me a gift bag that included an […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! When I was a kid, one of my favorite things about getting a new game console was getting the pack-in game that came with it. These pack-in games were meant to introduce the gamer to the new console and show off what it was capable of. Pack-ins are meant to be the introductory […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This past weekend, I attended the 2012 C2E2 Comic and Entertainment Expo in Chicago with the Planet Arbitrary team. Check out this weeks Planet Arbitrary podcast recorded at C2E2 to hear the gang share some of their highlights and experiences from the convention. For me, I went into the convention representing the video […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Woah, finally got this one done. This weeks review was a tough one since the game I picked made me question what I consider a retro game and a modern game. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! So, if you listened to last weeks Retro Game Review Podcast then you know what’s coming. If you missed it, I’m going to tell you about the other game system I purchased along with my Jaguar CD a couple weeks ago. When I was a kid, I thought this system only existed in […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! At the end of last weeks review, I told all of you that two more game consoles would be calling my collection home. Well, I finally have them and this week I’m going to introduce you to one of them, the Jaguar CD. Not long ago, I saw a review of the Jaguar […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week is kind of an off week for me since I’m working on something special for the next two reviews. A year has gone by since I started doing these reviews so I figured this week I would finally show all of you what I’ve been playing on to research the games […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week, we leave the early 80’s behind and travel forward in time to the mid 90’s, 1995 to be exact. Ah yes, 1995, the O.J. Simpson trial, The Soup Nazi, TLC warning us about chasing waterfalls, and of course, The Virtual Boy. Who could forget that big red head gear that Nintendo […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m staying in the early 80’s so I can review another classic game for the Mattel Intellivision. I briefly talked about this game on last weeks Retro Game Review Podcast. I talked about how just the pure uniqueness of this game caught my eye and ultimately led to me buying it. […] Read More >>

  Unemployed is the follow up concept album to The Employee’s “See the Shadow.” On Unemployed, The Employee’s delve into the ideas of the death of the American dream and the corrupt and paranoid state of our country. While these are pretty heavy ideals to begin with, the band does a good job of blending […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m going back to two truly retro and classic consoles, the Atari 2600 and the Mattel Intellivision. This journey back in time is necessary if I’m going to review one of the classic video game franchises of all time, Tron. I’m going to assume most of you are familiar with the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Bonk’s Adventure, I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this game already. Back in the day, Bonk was the face of the Turbo Grafx 16, a video game console owned by no one. Seriously, I didn’t know a single person growing up that actually owned a Turbo Grafx 16. I don’t even remember […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m finally going to review a game that I’ve been meaning to review for a long time. It’s a game that I love but one that I also have a serious problem with. It’s a game that does so much right that I’ve decided to give it a free pass which […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, here we are, the 50th retro video game review. It’s hard to believe that 50 reviews have gone by already. I guess time flies when you’re getting brutally raped by Raiden, or discovering the fucked up truth behind Micro Machines, or just trying to imagine how Matthew McConaughey would have a conversation […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Another Star Wars re-release is upon us and this time it’s one of the good ones, Episode 1. What? What’s wrong with Episode 1? Oh, not a fan of all that Jar Jar business? I wasn’t either but that wasn’t the worst thing about Episode 1. No, I didn’t even realize what the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Ok, before we begin let me throw a couple disclaimers out there for this review. First, I know very little about the Pokemon universe so keep that in mind when you read this. Second, I hate Pokemon and I especially hate Pokemon video games. There, now that I got those out of the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! You may have noticed in some of my previous reviews that I like to compare side scrolling beat ’em up games to Final Fight. The reason for that is because the developers at Capcom got everything right with the game. I do have a couple minor gripes about it but none serious enough […] Read More >>

I’ve been looking forward to the return of Fringe, despite my misgivings about this season. It’s been feeling more disjointed, fragmented, as if the story wasn’t fully realized before they started shooting episodes. “Back To Where You’ve Never Been,” the first episode after the lengthy winter break, is the first episode of the fourth season […] Read More >>

Golden Axe – A true classic

by Pat B on January 9, 2012

Hello Everyone! This week lets keep the 8-bit ball rolling with a review of another 8-bit gem, Golden Axe. If you’ve even looked at a video game in the last 25 years or so then you’ve probably seen or maybe even played this game. And if you owned a Sega Master System or Sega Genesis […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! Welcome to the first game review of 2012! I hope all of you had a great holiday and are fully recovered from the holiday hangovers. It’s a new year and I’m kicking it off on a high note as I’m finally done reviewing the Media Megadrive. When I finished last […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! First, I would like to say Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope your holiday was full of Christmas cheer and 24 hours of The Christmas Story on TBS, I know mine was. Well, here it is, the final game review for the Media Megadrive. Thank god I only have two cartridges […] Read More >>

You can say that 2011 was the year that ushered in the arrival of the first 1990’s revival. If the 3 previous decades are any indication, this will not be the last return to the Clinton years this decade. 20th year anniversary reissues by Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins along with the release of the PJ20, […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Last week I introduced the Planet Arbitrary world to the Media Megadrive, a mysterious little knock off Sega console from India. Since there isn’t a damn thing on the Internet about this system I had to figure out as much as I could about this console just by looking at it. Last week […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Over the last couple of years I’ve spent my time tracking down my favorite game consoles one by one. Whether it’s a shady trip to Calumet City for a Craigslist meeting or a friendly encounter with a fellow collector, I’ve acquired game consoles in a number of ways. And no, I did not […] Read More >>

Starfox – Do a barrel..NOOOO!

by Pat B on December 5, 2011

Hello Everyone! Well, I’m gonna do it, I don’t want to do it, but I have to. I will be honest, Starfox wasn’t my first choice when I was trying to decide which game to review this week but I was forced into it. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Remember back in the early 90’s when freedom of movement within a 3D environment in a video game was a new thing? There were tons of FPS games blowing up at the time that featured their own unique maps to navigate. Doom had Hell, Wolfenstein had a castle, and Quake had its different […] Read More >>

“The Walking Dead” S2E7: “Pretty Much Dead Already”- Joe’s Rating~”A” The realm of the internet is a scary place. One might even argue it’s scarier than Herschel’s barn. I think it is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into a show that even though the entire lot of a show can be spoiled, the […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, it’s time for another installment of my ongoing series “What I’ve played so far” for the Neo Geo CD system. What can I say? I love the Neo Geo CD. Read More >>

The Walking Dead s2E6: Secrets- Joe’s Rating~ “B-” Every man is entitled to a blow up every once in a while. What people don’t seem to realize with Rick is that the man is running on empty. People are looking to him for answers, and he doesn’t have them. All he has left is screaming. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome back for another retro review. I imagine most of you are fairly exhausted and short on sleep after October and November’s marathon of game releases. From Arkham City to Modern Warfare 3 to Uncharted 3 to Skyrim this has been a extremely busy fall for us gamers. I’m right there with you […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead S2E5: “Chupacabra” – Joe’s Rating~ A The first thing I ever really learned in Spanish (not counting what I absorbed through years of my parent’s placing me in front of Sesame Street) was that Chupacabra literally means “goat sucker.” However the Chupacabra is a creature of folklore much like the zombies our […] Read More >>

Love Bites – 3DO porn? really?

by Pat B on November 7, 2011

Hello Everyone! Gotcha! You saw the word “porn” and clicked without thinking, right? Well, your natural instincts didn’t let you down because this week I’m going to talk about video game porn. Read More >>

The Walking Dead S2E4: “Cherokee Rose”- Joe’s Rating~B It’s day 3 of the search for Sophia, and things are actually looking up for the survivors, but even at the end of the world human drama still remains. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Lately I’ve been exploring the world of full motion video gaming on some of the classic CD consoles from the 90’s. I don’t know why I’m continuing on with these games after I played one of the worst FMV games of all time and probably the worst video game ever made, The Final […] Read More >>

The Walking Dead S1E3: “Save the Last One”- Joe’s rating~ B How far is too far when trying to survive? I almost didn’t survive tonight’s Treehouse of Horror, did I make it through “The Walking Dead”? Read More >>

Battlefield 3 Review (Xbox 360)

by Pat B on October 25, 2011

Before I start the review I want to get something off my chest. The animosity between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 fans is so thick that it’s easy to lose sight of what is exciting about both in the first place. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! In last weeks review I talked about how I recently added an Amiga CD32 to my game collection. I talked about how this console frustrates me because of how inconsistent the games are. Some are good and some are really, really, really, bad…just awful. Read More >>

Well, one of the most anticipated games of the year was released today, Batman Arkham City. As far as game play goes, Arkham City picks up right where Arkham Asylum left off. So far, I only have a couple extremely small gripes about the game. Other than those things the game is INCREDIBLE! Lets get […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This past week was an exciting one for my game collection as I welcomed a new game console to it, the Commodore Amiga CD32. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome back for another retro review. I’ve been out of town for the past two weeks so it’s nice to get back into the swing of things. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Doing my top 20 list brought back a lot of good memories of playing some of my favorite games. One game on the list that I almost completely forgot about was Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome back for the conclusion of my top 20 favorite games. Last week I covered 20-11 so this week it’s on to the top 10 so lets do this! Read More >>

After 10-years of enjoying my Sony 5.1 surround system, it has finally kicked the bucket forcing me to explore alternatives. With my minor case of OCD, a love for new tech, and living-space restrictions I decided to give Sound Bars a try. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, I did what I’ve always said to myself I would never do, a top 10 or 20 ranking of my personal favorite video games. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! In my last few reviews you may have noticed I’ve been a little harsh on the Sega Genesis. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! In this weeks review I’m going to talk about one of my favorite games, Faceball 2000. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Last week I talked about unlicensed NES video games and I learned a lot about the game studios back in the day that tried to screw over Nintendo. One studio in particular stood out. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This weeks topic is kind of a strange one. It’s about those NES games you saw as a kid that you never saw a commercial for and you never saw covered in Nintendo Power. Yet, one or two of these games probably managed to sneak their way into your game collection. Read More >>

Conan The Barbarian (2011) ~ B- What is best in Life? Well it’s not the new Conan the Barbarian, but ya’ know what? It’s definitely not the worst. To start I’m going to say that I’m not going to compare this movie to the 1982 movie. enough critics are going to do that. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This past weekend the crew of Planet Arbitrary took a field trip to the Chicago Comic-Con. This was my first Comic-Con experience as the rest of the crew has quite a few of these notched on their utility belts. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I want to talk about a game that gamers either love or hate, Rise of the Robots. Whether you love it for the music or hate it because of the game play, this game brought out strong feelings from gamers from both sides. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Pat here to tell you about a little field trip myself and fellow Planet Arbitrary contributor Joe took down to Downers Grove, Illinois to check out a place called Game Pazzo. Game Pazzo is the video arcade evolved, the arcade of tomorrow, today! Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome back for part 2 of my series “What I’ve played so far” for the Neo Geo CD console. Its been a while since I posted the first part of this series so it’s time to dive back into the magical world of Neo Geo games. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! I’m very excited about this weeks review since it’s going to cover a game that I had to play on my Sega Megadrive. Dynamite Duke was the first game I bought for my Megadrive and since I bought it without the original box, the artwork on the cartridge had to seduce me into […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Throughout the history of home video game consoles each console has seemed to have one unique game franchise that kind of becomes the face of that console. Nintendo has Mario, Sega has Sonic, Turbo Grafx has Bonk, and even the Xbox has Master Chief from Halo. As for the Panasonic 3DO, it has […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Back in my very first retro review I talked about what I believe to be the hardest video game in the world, Raiden. In that review I talked about how Raiden could easily be the crown jewel of Noah Vanderhoff’s “Noah’s Arcade” due to its ridiculous level of difficulty and my blossoming belief […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Today is the 4th of July and what better way to spend a nice summer day than to sit inside and celebrate your freedom by playing some video games. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! In this weeks review I’m going back to ’89 to talk about one of the great hand held video game systems, The Nintendo Gameboy. Read More >>

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Get out your boomstick and rev up your chainsaw! From the makers of PAPER TOSS and NINJUMP comes the definitive Army of Darkness game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This week I’m going back to one of my favorite game consoles, Neo Geo CD. This review is gonna be separate from the ongoing series “Neo Geo CD – What I’ve Played So Far” and instead focus in on just one great title for the console, Crossed Swords II. Read More >>

Hello Everyone, Well, last Tuesday we all got a glimpse of Nintendo’s new gaming creation, the Wii U. Of course, Nintendo always has to be a little a different than everyone else so for their new gaming console they’ve taken the controller to the next level and made it a tablet. With its touch screen […] Read More >>

Today at the Nintendo E3 briefing Nintendo rolled out the usual classics like new Mario and Zelda titles but then kicked things up a notch and wowed the crowd with the unveiling of and brief look at their new next gen console, Wii U. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Mario Party. At my house this game is known as Conflict Resolution when my fiance and I play it. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, this week I’m gonna pick a little of the low hanging fruit and talk about Virtuoso on the 3DO. This game has been taunting me every week from its place in my game collection when I’m trying to decide which game to review. Read More >>

Hello Everyone, So, if you’ve been reading my reviews you may remember a while back I reviewed the Neo Geo CD console. In that review I went over the background of the console and raved about its true to arcade graphics and sound. I also talked about how pumped I was about finally finding and […] Read More >>

There are many options out there to remotely connect to your computer via phone or tablet. However, there’s one that stands out from the others. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E4 “The Doctor’s Wife” – Joe’s Rating  A+ I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most anticipated episodes of Doctor Who in the last 3 years. Not since Douglas Adams has such a well respected author written for The Doctor. This is the famous Neil Gaiman episode. Read More >>

This week’s Netflix Pick of the Week puts a spin on the classic superhero flick in a way that only Troma films could possibly do; elegant, engaging and heartfelt.  The Toxic Avenger, the first in a series of 5, (yes, 5 of these incredible films) follows the life of the loveable mop boy, Melvin Ferd […] Read More >>

Game On! – Brink Review

by Pat B on May 10, 2011

Hello Everyone! Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I am fucking disappointed with Brink. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Throughout the history of video games there have been games that have been so huge that they have been considered landmark games that pushed the industry as a whole forward. Pong, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat, and of course, Grand Theft Auto were games that did just that. Read More >>

HBO has gone mobile.

Hello Everyone! Well, here we are on day 11 of the Great Playstation Network Outage. For those of you with just a PS3 as your main gaming console, let me just say that my heart goes out to you. Your Playstation account information is now in the hands of what I believe are jilted communist […] Read More >>

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why our country is going to hell in a hand basket?  I mean really pondered that question, not in a biblical sense or anything just in terms of the question: what the fuck is wrong with some people?  If not, then hopefully watching this week’s Netflix Streaming pick […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Who needs to keep those dusty old classic rock records when all the classic rock hits you love from the 70’s can be found in one plastic Super Nintendo cartridge? You heard me, In 1993 Interplay games released Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing featuring the sweet sweet sounds of Deep Purple, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, […] Read More >>

When randomly watching a Netflix instant, as I frequently do, I have an unwritten 5 minute rule that I give all films.  During these five minutes, I’m usually able to tell if I’m going to be able to handle the subsequent 100-130 minutes with little to no discomfort.  I’m not counting Dear John, where I […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone, Pat here to give you a quick review of the new Mortal Kombat. This version of Mortal Kombat is a semi-reboot of the first game in the series. Almost every character from all previous MK titles is in this game with the ability to unlock others. All special moves and combos are intact […] Read More >>

Game On! – Portal 2 Review

by Pat B on April 19, 2011

“The cake is a lie”… Possibly the greatest inside joke of the gaming community, and it originated with hugely successful Portal. So how does Portal 2 stack up against the ridiculously high expectations for it? Extremely well. However, not “game of the year” well. Before I start the review, let me briefly bring new and […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Well, the time has come to talk about my favorite game on the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye – 007. For those of us that played FPS (first-person shooter) games back in the 90’s, this was the game where shit got real and showed us what a great FPS could be. Not only did it […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! This weeks review is a special one. It will be kind of a belated birthday card to a game that I love so much, I almost consider it a family member, Street Fighter II. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this game turned 20 years old. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Yeah! Now that is a video game commercial! With an ad campaign like that, how could the Sega Dreamcast fail?  I will try and explain.  In my last review I promised to switch gears and talk about a different era of gaming other than the early ’90s. So, Lets take a look at […] Read More >>

Ok, so this video has been in the news for a few weeks now. The number of views on Youtube have skyrocketed from 1,000 to a reported 75 million as of April 1st. It has been slammed by negative reviews, and has been the subject of numerous parodies. Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Soooo excited! This review is going to be an intro review that will have many game reviews to follow. First, let me explain my excitement. Two months ago, I began pursuing the next game console to add to my collection. Two long months of registering on video game message boards, scouring forums, being […] Read More >>

I don’t have cable.  Not because I’m poor, not because I wear skinny jeans and think I’m too good for TV but because really between Netflix and the internet these days, cable is becoming obsolete.  Nevertheless, because of this, I watch Netflix.  Here I’m going to try to bestow my Netflix experience upon you and […] Read More >>

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to start with. On my first go around, I wanted to pick something that I’ve heard before, but haven’t heard in a long time. I also wanted to start off with something that I would enjoy listening to, as opposed to something that I […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another retro video game review! So, if you have been reading these reviews you may have noticed that I have a bit of a soft spot for the games and consoles from the early ’90s. The early ’90s were a great time for video games as video game technology was rapidly […] Read More >>

Game On! – Crysis 2 Review

by Pat B on March 23, 2011

(I Am Legend + Cloverfield) x Predator + Half Life 2 x Robocop / Star Kid = Crysis 2 Ok so I was never great with math formulas, but Crysis 2 gets an “A” in my grade book. There are a few names in first person shooter history that people easily recognize, even if they’re […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another retro videogame review. In this review I’m going back to the early to mid 90’s again to talk about one of my favorite first-person shooter games, Wolfenstein 3D. We’re going back to 1992, the year which I believe was the birth year of hardcore realistic violence in video games. […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! Today is a special day! When I was first asked to contribute game reviews to (visit the site, since you’re already here open a new browser tab and go to it again) two things that I wanted to cover first was Raiden and how it’s been raping me so hard it’s painful […] Read More >>

Hello Everyone! My name is Pat and welcome to my very first retro video game review!  First, I would like to thank the guys of Planet Arbitrary for inviting me to join them on their spankin’ new website and for letting me share with all of you my feelings for the electronic joy that is […] Read More >>

  Interesting fact: Nowhere on the packaging does Apple refer to it as “iPad 2”. Let’s get it out of the way early; is the iPad 2 worth the $500 (at least) investment? The answer is sort of… If you’re in the market for Apple’s new shiny toy you’re in one of two camps. The […] Read More >>