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Nerd School

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Nerd School

  It is important to understand that in order to rectify the classic Star trek timeline with the newer JJ Abrams timeline, one has to dissect the nuances of time travel as it works in the Star Trek universe. Understanding how the timeline is manipulated is vital in understanding the differences and irregularities including the […] Read More >>

The King in the North is part of an ongoing analysis of the War of the Five Kings. Previously: Prelude, The King of High Garden Warning: This article contains Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones Robb Stark was a boy who never asked for anything. Like most noble firstborn sons, he was groomed […] Read More >>

The King of Highgarden is part of an ongoing analysis of the War of the Five Kings. Previously: Prelude At King Robert’s death, there was no argument that his son, Joffrey, would ascend to the throne. Due to the rumor of Joffrey’s true parentage, there was a second claim made by his uncle Stannis. If […] Read More >>

Prelude: A recap of the events leading up to the war… Westeros has seen its fair share of conflicts, some as large as the conquest of Aegon to those as small as the Castamere uprising.  There have been rebellions both successful and failures. However, there has been little in terms of scope and destruction that […] Read More >>

It’s difficult to delieve that creatures that are so universal in the history and cultures of our world could be purely myth. In Westeros, dragons are believed to be creatures of legend just as in our culture. However, unlike our world, the dragons of Westeros  had once existed, and have returned. Most of Westeros’ animals […] Read More >>

Daenerys Stormborm was reborn as she burned along with her beloved Drogo. She gathered what was left of her khalasar and, after Qarth, traveled to Slaver’s Bay to acquire a new army. Slaver’s Bay is a daunting area to navigate as a reader, as the names are unlike anything on Westeros, and the culture is […] Read More >>

  In Westeros,much like our own history, knighthood was more of an idea than a reality. Yes knights existed, but the idea of a true knight was more something to aspire to than actually achieve. Lots of people called themselves knights, but few lived up to the name and title of “Ser”.   In our […] Read More >>

  Along with such great rebellions as Robert’s and the Blackfyre’s, smaller rebellions can have long lasting effects on the continent of Westeros. One such rebellion was the inspiration for the song “The Rains of Castamere”. The Rains of Castamere is the song of the Lannisters, and for good reason. It was written about Tywin […] Read More >>

  It is often thought that before Robert’s Rebellion and the conflicts that followed, that Westeros was a land peacefully ruled by the Targaryen line. However, that is simply not true. One of the longest series of conflicts in the Seven Kingdoms was actually a series of wars instigated by strife inside the Targaryen bloodline […] Read More >>

Though the series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, the title of the first book and the TV show (A) Game of Thrones, better captures the feeling that to those vying for power, this is a game. All of us watching at home cannot help but to want to take part. Luckily for […] Read More >>

Previously in the series : The Greyjoy Rebellion, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.1, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.2, Robert’s Rebellion Pt. 3, The Religions of Westeros, The Races of Westeros, The War of Conquest, Tyrion vs. Richard III “Madness and greatness were two sides of the same coin and every time a new Targaryen was born, the gods would […] Read More >>

Previously in the series : The Greyjoy Rebellion, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.1, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.2, Robert’s Rebellion Pt. 3, The Religions of Westeros, The Races of Westeros, The War of Conquest “Now is the winter of our discontent. Made glorious summer by this sun of Stag…”~a fan with too much time on his hands As an […] Read More >>

As a history buff, I have always loved the Assassin’s Creed series’ attention to detail. Sure they take immense liberties with “actual” history, but it’s the small details that both frustrate and delight me. Take for example the humble musket in Assassin’s Creed III. Assassin’s Creed III is the first game in the series to […] Read More >>

Previously on Nerd School: The Walking Dead-  Off With Their Heads- Katanas in a Post-Walker World, If I Only Had a Brain- Biology and Headshots, Keep on Walking- How Walkers Get Their Groove Back This article deals specifically with the TV Show up to Season 3 Episode 3. The article may contains spoilers for anyone […] Read More >>

Previously on Nerd School: The Walking Dead-  Off With Their Heads- Katanas in a Post-Walker World, If I Only Had a Brain- Biology and Headshots This article deals specifically with the TV Show up to Season 3 Episode 2. The article may contains spoilers for anyone not caught up. What makes the zombie phenomena so […] Read More >>

Previously on Nerd School: The Walking Dead-  Off With Their Heads- Katanas in a Post-Walker World This article deals specifically with the TV Show up to Season 3 Episode 1. The article contains spoilers for anyone not caught up. People familiar with the zombie sub-genre understand that the best way to deal with a classic […] Read More >>

  Swords are an interesting and complex weapon both in concept and execution (no pun intended). Essentially the first tool manufactured to be solely used in combat without auxiliary purpose,  The sword is the ultimate symbol of survival in combat. However the mere possession of a sword does not mean automatic success in any arena, […] Read More >>

Nerd School: Who’s Whose Companion?

by Joe on September 28, 2012

Psychology and Regeneration, The Pitfalls of Paradoxical Storytelling, The Missing Episodes Inevitably when you are young, you play Batman (although I have a thoroughly Amero-centric viewpoint on many things, I believe this is a fairly universal right of childhood). Unfortunately there can be only one Batman, so someone in your group of friends has to […] Read More >>

Nerd School: The Missing Episodes

by Joe on September 21, 2012

It’s hard to believe that in an era where everything is available to us, whether through Netflix, Hulu, DVD, Blu-ray, or just bootlegged on VHS copies, that hours and hours of programming so near and dear to our nerd hearts can be lost to time. Nerds are self appointed protectors of culture, digitally downloading massive […] Read More >>

  –“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.” ~The Doctor Let’s discuss time travel.  Generally any fiction dealing in time travel  has “rules” to deal with the precarious nature of […] Read More >>

Biologically speaking, regeneration in a simplified sense is defensive mechanism. The ability to heal and renew means that an organism could survive longer than the predators which seek to kill it. The extent of “regeneration” varies from organism to organism on the planet. We of course have lizards which regrow limbs, tortoises which can live […] Read More >>

The War of Conquest is the official name for what the common Westerosi refer to as Aegon’s Conquest. Though a misnomer as Aegon was supported almost equally by his sister-wives Visenya and  Rhaenys, the result was still the same, the conquest and subjugation of nearly all the continent of Westeros. Aegon represented the last of […] Read More >>

  In 1066 the Normans crossed the English Channel and at Hastings they changed the course of a nation. However, before William had even been born, that island had been subject to invasion, colonization, and eventual subjugation by Celts, Romans, and Norsemen. The result was a melting pot of cultures that persists to this day. […] Read More >>

Part of the realism of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is that the world is not simply a “planet of hats”. That is to say that the world is not defined by one primary characteristic, as what happened quite often in the classic Star Trek.  The Lands of Westeros and Essos feature multitudes of […] Read More >>

Previously:  The Greyjoy Rebellion, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.1, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.2 In warfare, battles occur where the losses are so great that it sounds the death knell of whole empires. Like Waterloo or Hastings, battles can change the course of history. After Stony Sept, a battle like this occurred, and it changed the course of the […] Read More >>

Previously: The Greyjoy Rebellion, Robert’s Rebellion Pt.1 Robert’s Rebellion was not a simple matter of everyone taking sides in the fight. The family alliances built up over the years, and blind loyalty to the king drew battle lines amongst the great houses of Westeros. On the side of Robert and the rebellion was the Baratheons […] Read More >>

Previously: The Greyjoy Rebellion To pinpoint the cause of a war is never simple. We are taught in school that WWI was cause because the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but anyone who has done a little research could tell you that the reasons are far more complex. In “The Song of  Ice and Fire” […] Read More >>

“So why was Theon with the Starks anyway?” “Was he kidnapped?” amongst my friends I tend to be the Game of Thrones expert, and I usually have to field questions like this. Since our friend Theon is now getting his own storyline (complete with incest) I’m going to take it upon myself to tell you […] Read More >>

For more on Game of Thrones season 2: Casting Roundup 1 and 2 Game of Thrones S1E1, S1E2, S1E3, S1E4,S1E5, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10 A sword is never just a sword in fantasy novels. Let’s face it, no fantasy author worth his weight in goblins would ever pass up the chance to add such […] Read More >>

For more on Game of Thrones season 2: Casting Roundup 1 and 2 Shows like Game of Thrones are interesting, because even though they only run 10 or so episodes, the richness of the characters within the vastness of the world they inhabit makes following each individual storyline complicated. With season two right around the […] Read More >>

Suspension of belief is a prerequisite for the consumption of fiction. It is completely understandable in genre fiction such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, that the basic tenants of science will be violated in order to create a ripping yarn. However, even in more grounded genres of literature such as mystery and romance one […] Read More >>

Nerd School: Evening the Odds

by Joe on December 13, 2011

“I mean, it’s a fact, sure as day follows night, sure as eggs is eggs, sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit.”~ Tim Bisley (Spaced) Read More >>

Nerd School: Know Your Composer

by Joe on November 22, 2011

Nerds love movie scores. It’s as simple as that. It’s my own personal opinion that the film composer will be looked upon with as much reverence as the classical composers of the last 300 years. Now, the majority of the western world is aware of John Williams, and can probably hum any number of his […] Read More >>

In terms of fantasy and science fiction epics, as of late television and Hollywood have nothing on videogames. In fact, next week we will see the next installment of one of my all time favorite series Assassin’s Creed. With all the time traveling third person sandbox fun it easy to forget the complex plotlines and […] Read More >>

While sitting in the theater watching the insanely fun Paranormal Activity 3, I was thinking of how great my Spoiler Heavy Review for this movie was going to be. I stopped myself at the keyboard, however, and thought about not necessarily how fun the movie was, but what this series is doing right. Read More >>

I love science fiction television, and I have watched far more than I probably should. But one thing I’ve noticed is how often plots tend to get recycled over and over again. This is especially true of the show Terra Nova, which in only 4 episodes has stolen numerous  ideas, plot devices, and visuals from […] Read More >>

The concept of the “zombie apocalypse” is a fairly recent phenomenon. Endemic to males age 10-50, the ZA first came into pop culture around 2002/2003 Though by no means the first zombie movies, films like 28 Days Later and The Dawn of the Dead remake reignited something in the post September 11th society. Almost harkening […] Read More >>

Inevitably your new favorite show is going to  get canceled. Especially if it’s a genre show on a major network. Face it, Terra Nova looks awesome, but can the budget be justified by the viewership numbers? This is the biggest problem with shows that I like. I am a huge fan of genre TV, that […] Read More >>

Last week I discussed why CBS is putting out a Blu-ray of only four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This week I dig deeper into those four episodes and decide if they are really the four we should have. Read More >>

The Interwebs are positively abuzz with the notion that CBS/Paramount is finally converting fan favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation to Blu-ray. But they are only putting out 4 episodes? What the… Read More >>

Looks like its time for an update on who’s gonna play who in season 2 of Game of Thrones. So lets skip all of the “me trying to be clever” banter and get right to the chewy nougaty goodness. Read More >>

This week The Doctor returns from his summer break to hopefully resolve some mysteries and start up some new ones. Read More >>

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you […] Read More >>

Part of an ongoing series where Joe shows you that there are more conventions in the world than San Diego. Read More >>

Last Month I wrote a article about who I would like to see cast as the myriad of strange and unique characters we’ll meet in season 2 of Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings. Since then, several of the big name characters have been cast and one has to wonder how do they match? Read More >>

Continuing from last week, I am going through the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series that really need to be in your Netflix queue. Whether it is for simply familiarizing yourself with Trek, or picking out a couple episodes for enjoyment, I cannot help but recommend the following.  Read More >>

So Star Trek: The Original Series has been streaming for a while now, but with all the hub-bub about the entire Trek Franchise being on Netflix now, I think its only fair for to warn our readers that some episodes of Trek are downright bad. However I think that the casual fan can easily see […] Read More >>

  Warning, Spoiler Heavy! With the epic season 1 of Game of Thrones ending, I think its appropriate to start to look to the future of the series, and maybe suggest a couple actors to play some of the new characters. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E10 “Fire and Blood” ~ Joe’s Rating “B” I think it’s fair to say that the real finale of the show was last week, and this week is merely a prelude to next season. However, with that being said, next season looks like it is going to rock. Read More >>

With Anthony Wiener still being in the news, I think it’s important to look back on how my favorite franchise gave rise to the term “Sexless sex scandal” Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E9 “Baelor”~ Joe’s Rating “B+” If you had a choice between Honor and Family which would you choose? Well we in this, the penultimate, episode we get to see what  ole’ Neddy will choose. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E7 “A Good Man Goes to War” ~ Joe’s Rating “A” The midseason finally is here, and now we have to wait a good 3 months to catch up with the Whoobie gang. Well, Moffet’s been building this episode’s big cliffhanmger/suprise/twist since it was announced their would be a midseason hiatus, was it […] Read More >>

Nerd School: Mutant Fatigue

by Joe on June 6, 2011

X-Men First class was released on Friday to positive reviews from critics. However, once again I was disappointed by what I thought was Munich with mutants turning into X-Men 3 part 2. I don’t seem to be the only one, as the poor opening figures show that the X-franchise is losing steam. Hey, it’s no […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E6 “The Almost People” ~ Joe’s rating “B” We’re at the penultimate episode of the first half of the season, and I have a few things to get off of my chest… Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E8 “The Pointy End”~Joe’s Rating “A” The countdown has begun and here at the penultimate penultimate episode we see the ruins made of Ned Starks’ pointless coup, and out of the ashes a new rebellion springs to usurp the rule of the boy king. Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E7 “You Win or You Die” ~ Joe’s rating  “B+” This season is rapidly coming to a close, and dominoes are falling faster and faster as we approach the finale. This week we once again see a battle of minds as opposed to the battle with swords we saw last week, and […] Read More >>

The in-depth fantasies that grow within the nerd mind, and often erupt into debates are often made up of the stuff of granduer. Whether to be a Jedi or a Sith, Trek vs. Wars, or perhaps the oldest and greatest: Mary Ann or Ginger? However one that I myself have always fancied is the formation […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E6 ~ Joe’s Rating “A” Here we are getting to the latter half of the first season, and after a couple of rough episodes,  This week and lasts have proven that this series has legs. (Well the series has legs, Eddard only has the singular leg this episode. Read More >>

  Doctor Who S6E5 “The Rebel Flesh” ~ Joe’s Rating (C+ pending the concluding episode) FLARG!!!! The midseason finale doth approcheth and this week we get another MOW and hastily added relation to Amy’s Schrodinger’s womb syndrome Read More >>

The characters on Star Trek have become archetypes of the Science Fiction genre. This is in no small part due to the actors who filled those roles and are  now inseparable from their characters. Shatner is Kirk in the same way Nimoy is Spock, or how Montalban is KHAAAAAAAANNN! However in the spirit of examining […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E5 “The Wolf and The Lion” ~ Joe’s Rating “A-” We have finally reached the midpoint of the season, and they kicked it up a notch by giving us some action and some really crazy characters. Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E4 “The Doctor’s Wife” – Joe’s Rating  A+ I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most anticipated episodes of Doctor Who in the last 3 years. Not since Douglas Adams has such a well respected author written for The Doctor. This is the famous Neil Gaiman episode. Read More >>

My wife and I have been watching the good doctor as a couple together for 2 years now, and I love the debates we get into. With the new series being filmed in America, we got into a discussion about who would play an American Doctor. So let’s pretend. (and British readers, please don’t get […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones S1E4 “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” – Joe’s Rating: C A really appropriate title for an episode that hobbled along this week. Read More >>

Nerd School: Doctor Who S6E3 “The Curse of the Black Spot”- Joe’s Rating C- It’s time for the third episode of the season, and this time it looks like the Doctaaaaaaaargh (see what I did there) is going all Cap’n Jack (and I don’t mean Harkness). Read More >>

  Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, and Wizkids is giving away a free Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure! Check out your local comic book store to get one. Read More >>

Game of Thrones , (more properly A Song of Ice and Fire) is becoming a full blown cultural phenomenon. Much of that has to do with HBO’s new series.  Like every popular book or television series of the past 40 years, what makes it take root is the fans and their ability to flesh out […] Read More >>

Game of Thrones: “Lord Snow”  – Joe’s rating: B If the first episode of this season focused on moving the plot, and the second built character, then what does this episode show us. This episode is all about pain. We know our characters, we know (somewhat) what their motivations are, so now we get to […] Read More >>

Doctor Who S6E2 “Day of the Moon” –  Joe’s rating: B- Second episode time, and boy will this one have mixed reviews Read More >>

Natalie Portman, I simultaneously love and hate you. You are the Schrodinger’s Cat  of celebrity crushes. I’ll admit it, I have a lot of celebrity celebrity crushes with my favorite being a tie between Amanda Bynes and Rachel Leigh Cook, but Ms. Portman is definitely in the top10 if not the top 5.  I mean […] Read More >>

So The internet has been abuzz lately with the notion of a Shatner, Bryan Singer, or Jonathan Frakes helmed Trek spinoff. So let’s take a look at the wacky world of Trek spinoffs. Read More >>

Here we are at week two and overall a DRAMATIC improvement over the premiere. My biggest complaint with last week was the overall lack of character development, and here they switched it up with the plot inching forward but the characters making major strides. Read More >>

First off, I’m so happy that The doctor is back! So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First, how awesome is that title?! One thing I love about sci-fi is great titles. “The Impossible Astronaut” just sounds like a great Bradbury or Asimov short story. Hell it even sounds like a single off Bowie’s […] Read More >> Read More >>

Remember when Captain Kirk’s dad piloted the USS Kelvin into Bruce Banner’s Spaceship? No, then that reference was wasted on you. Anywho, George Kirk is gonna be kicking some Asgard (see what I did there) in 2 weeks as THOR, so I thought I ‘d get you excited with a bit of a Thor primer. Read More >>

So a lot of negative/kinda crazy reviews have been flying around online Like here and here, but I’ve been ignoring them all in favor of watching the first episode unadulterated. Fuck, I’ve even ignored all of the mini episodes HBO has been putting out. Let’s face it, I’m a fantasy fan, a Martin Whore, a bitch […] Read More >>

That is all

Ah the Doctor, how I await your return to BBC America every year, like the swallows to Capistrano. The second best show you’re not watching is coming to the airwaves April 23rd and I’m as excited as Christopher Eccleston in a leather shop. Read More >>

Nerd School: 8-bit Trek

by Joe on April 7, 2011

I can get about 4/5  of the 235  on sale april 12th Read More >>

Nerd School: TaRD(i)S Blanket

by Joe on April 7, 2011

Ready to cuddle up on the couch with your companion for season 6 of “Doctor Who”? Check it out Read More >>

This will be the greatest TV show you won’t be watching. If you the reader are anything like the majority of the staff here at PA you are probably woefully behind on what’s the best new TV shows around. In fact I think this weekend I heard Anthony ask me “have you seen this show […] Read More >>

Nerd School: Cthulhu!!!

by Joe on March 28, 2011

When “lol” isn’t enough… 6 ways to turn Cthulhu into emoticon . Read More >>

Nerd School: Star Trek Mix Tape

by Joe on March 13, 2011

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Kirk in Repose, or How and Why I chose my Star Trek mix tape. Part 1 “How many lights?” Prologue … Last year, I made a conscious effort to watch the entire Star Trek cannon. To those not in the know, that’s 3 seasons of The original series (hereupon designated TOS), 1 animated, 7 The […] Read More >>