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Mondo Mucho

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Mondo Mucho

  Hello, my fellow readers, watchers, blinkers and breathers.  It has been a little over a half a year since I have written anything into this particular nard of cyberspace.  It feels good to be doing it right now.  Sometimes I go through long periods of inactivity, creatively and otherwise.  I don’t know if this […] Read More >>

I feel as though I have misspent a great deal of time.  When I say that, I do not mean strictly my own time, but ours as a whole.  Too many wasted seconds that could have been used to achieve amazing things for all of us.  I fear that my entire existence is composed solely […] Read More >>

Tony Cheddar’s eyes were glassy with exhaustion.  His men had been working for the better part of a year when they completed the The Jade Staircase.  The ‘The’ is repeated for emphasized respect.  At the summit was a dwelling fit for an emperor or a shogun warlord or something.  At the time, Cheddar did not […] Read More >>

We experience joy in many forms.  We endure pain in even more.  A slipping scale that teeters indefinitely until death.  It would help to know which side we’ll end up on in that last moment.  If nothing else it would soothe the anxiety over dying prematurely or post-peak.  I cannot speak for you, but I […] Read More >>

Tsunamocaust, Part One

by Pat B on June 5, 2012

Water.  Mankind’s most trusted resource.  The structure of our planet and the survival of our bodies depend on it.  In abundance or in absence, water dominates our lives.  Though it contains traces of blood and betrayal from natural disasters entrenched in history, we trust it to behave as it has.  That is, submissive.  We rely […] Read More >>

Alright chanchos and chanchettes, here we are, as we are.  Summah is upon our asses and I believe it’s time to take stock of a few things.  I should start by reiterating my disclaimer that nothing I am saying should be taken as the gospel truth.  I’ve caught wind of a recently formed cult in […] Read More >>

Remember all that shit that happened?  Yeah, I bet you do.  At this very moment, there is a whole mess of hoopla going on, but that doesn’t even come close the amount of silliness that led up to now.  I mean, when you stop and think about the sheer number of stabbings since the dawn […] Read More >>

The twinkling of the night’s first star was dwarfed by the glimmer in adventurist Tony Cheddar’s eyes as he gazed out onto the horizon.  The sky became scorched as the sun made its way below the dense Amazonian treeline.  Nestled between the Achubunko River and Mount Dungan sat a vacant stretch of land that extended […] Read More >>

What is Mondo Mucho?  Well it’s big.  Like, majorly, bra.  A bunch of bigness.  Abundant largeness.  Massive mass.  But still small enough to delve into every orifice and fill every crack.  It’ll caulk up your holes and stick to your ribs.  It’s everything you’ve ever wanted, lusted after, loathed, or been touched inappropriately by.  It’s […] Read More >>