CBL #57: X-Men (2000)

by Kevin on March 12, 2018

Spring is in the air over at Planet Arbitrary Studios, a time for new beginnings, rebirth, and matching black leather uniforms. Join your hosts for a rambling trip back to the turn of the century as they revisit the start of the modern comic book movie epidemic, X-MEN! See your favorite heroes and villains come […] Read More >>

The first big comic book movie of the year is here, and now that BLACK PANTHER has broken records and is on track to make all the billions of dollars, it’s high time for your hosts to weigh in and give the definitive take. Is the latest offering from the MCU (the 18th!) as groundbreaking […] Read More >>

It’s a new year, and so your hosts are taking some time out from their winter hibernation to talk about the year ahead in comic book movies! There’s a bunch of them, but sometimes the schedule doesn’t work out the way they think so who knows how many of these movies we’re actually going to […] Read More >>

CBL #54: Justice League (2017)

by Kevin on November 20, 2017

The long wait is over and JUSTICE LEAGUE is finally upon us. Joe & Kevin are fresh from opening weekend and ready to dissect everything from Batman’s collection of menswear to Superman’s digitally altered upper lip. Was it worth the wait to see the team assemble to save the world, or is this one more […] Read More >>

CBL #53: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

by Kevin on November 8, 2017

CBL makes its triumphant return to the internet-waves to talk about the latest Marvel joint, THOR: RAGNAROK! Long-time listeners will know our hosts’ thoughts on the Thor movies so far, but will the deadpan humor of director Taika Waititi turn this franchise around? Were all the jokes in the trailer and the rest of the […] Read More >>

CBL #52: Judge Dredd (1995)

by Kevin on June 26, 2017

This week, Joe and Kevin take The Long Walk to a post-apocalyptic police state with the 1995 career killer JUDGE DREDD! Although this isn’t a movie with a great reputation, we thought a revisit might yield some interesting ideas and maybe some silly, mindless 90s action-comedy. But do Sylvester Stallone and his wacky sidekick Rob […] Read More >>

CBL #51: Wonder Woman (2017)

by Kevin on June 12, 2017

The biggest movie in the world right now is WONDER WOMAN, breathing new life into the dying corpse of the DC Extended Universe! It’s the film everyone is talking about, so naturally we give our long-winded opinions on Diana Prince’s journey from her idyllic island home to the front lines of World War I! Is […] Read More >>

CBL #50: Wonder Woman (1974)

by Kevin on May 29, 2017

This week, in anticipation of the next DCEU film WONDER WOMAN, we’re taking a look at the very first attempt at a WONDER WOMAN TV/movie from 1974, starring Cathy Lee Crosby as a blond super spy who may or may not have any tangential relation to the character of Wonder Woman. International intrigue! Pantsuits! Donkeys! […] Read More >>

Hey CBL listeners, we’re back! Finally, after a long hiatus, your hosts found time to sit down for a SPOILER-HEAVY discussion of the first big movie of the summer season, Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2! All your favorite characters have returned for another adventure: Chris Pratt, Green Girl, Big Muscle Guy, Talking Raccoon, […] Read More >>

It’s time to get R-Rated with our SPOILER-HEAVY review of the 2017 film LOGAN, the film which dares to ask the question “What if your favorite comic book characters got really old, sick, and died?” The blood, drama, and naughty words are front in center in the latest and possibly final outing for Hugh Jackman […] Read More >>

Darkness… No parents… Super rich… Must be another Batman movie! But this is no ordinary Batman movie: it’s THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, the highly anticipated sequel/spin-off to the 2014 runaway hit THE LEGO MOVIE. But is everything awesome this time around, or should Lego Batman stick to the supporting roles? And how does this film […] Read More >>

CBL #46: Batman Forever (1995)

by Kevin on February 6, 2017

The time has come to talk about BATMAN FOREVER, the first of the Schumacher Batman films and the beginning of the end of the comic book movie false start of the 90s. Campy, kid-friendly villains, a big pop soundtrack, and a new actor playing the caped crusader… But is it as bad as we remember, […] Read More >>

CBL #45: 2017 CBL Movie Preview

by Kevin on January 23, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Join Joe and Kevin as they talk through the year in comic book movies, with offerings from Marvel, DC, and others competing for your dollars and eyeballs. Plus, some talk about our favorite movie scenes from 2016 and some lesser known movies to put on your radar. Find us […] Read More >>

The holidays may have come and gone, but Joe and Kevin are still putting the final bow on 2016 with a chat about the classic A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. The music, the art, the gospel according to Linus: how does this annual favorite’s riff on commercialization hold up today? Plus, Joe has a few spoiler-heavy […] Read More >>

CBL #43: Stardust (2007)

by Kevin on December 18, 2016

Buckle your boots and grab your magic candles, CBL listeners, because this week we’re jumping into the 2007 adventure-fantasy STARDUST, novelist and comic book hero Neil Gaiman’s tale of one man’s quest to kidnap a celestial body and marry Sienna Miller. With a solid cast and impressive visual effects, does the film live up to […] Read More >>

CBL #42: Barbarella (1968)

by Kevin on November 28, 2016

It’s time to go camping on CBL — wait, no, not camping, CAMPY! Jane Fonda takes us back to the retro-futuristic 1960s with the sexy classic BARBARELLA! Will Joe’s notorious hatred of Belgian comics keep him from appreciating this peace-love-and-understanding tale of sexual liberation, or will Babs win the day with some good old-fashioned physical […] Read More >>

CBL #41: Doctor Strange (2016)

by Kevin on November 14, 2016

This week, CBL is getting strange… DOCTOR STRANGE, that is! It’s a spoiler-filled discussion of the latest MCU offering, starring beloved internet mascot Benedict Cumberbatch as the wizard-doctor himself — or is that doctor wizard? Does the MCU have another hit on its hands, or should we all wave our hands and grab our sling […] Read More >>

CBL #40: Luke Cage (2016)

by Kevin on October 30, 2016

Sweet Christmas! CBL has moved to the small screen to talk about Season 1 of the new Netflix Marvel series LUKE CAGE. Luke may be bulletproof, but is the series so lucky? And does the show continue Netflix’s hot streak of making Marvel’s TV offerings palatable? We talk all 13 episodes, plus recasting and some […] Read More >>

CBL #39: Blade II (2002)

by Kevin on October 3, 2016

This week, CBL returns to the leather-and-sunglasses-clad streets of Manhattan for BLADE II! This time HELLBOY director Guillermo Del Toro shows us what happens when a genetic mutation creates a race of super vampires and you don’t take a second pass at the script the studio handed you. Country legend Kris Kristofferson and tax evader […] Read More >>

CBL #38: Batman: The Movie (1966)

by Kevin on September 17, 2016

Holy podcasts! This week CBL travels way back for the camp-tastic 1966 film BATMAN: THE MOVIE! It’s an amazing technicolor dream-bat experience as Batman and Robin take on a quartet of classic villains, each more absurd than the last! Will Joe and Kevin successfully discuss the movie and escape unscathed? Will they have any overlap […] Read More >>

Comic Book Logic returns this week with our take on the beloved 2010 comic book/video game movie mashup SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. Does Scott’s quest to win the heart of literal dream girl Ramona Flowers by defeating her “evil exes” win our hearts as well, or are we, as the saying goes, getting too […] Read More >>

CBL #36: Suicide Squad (2016)

by Kevin on August 8, 2016

It’s a spoiler-iffic episode of CBL as we take on the brand new entry in the DC Cinematic Universe, SUICIDE SQUAD. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and a whole bunch of other weirdos you’ve never heard of are on a mission to save the world… or maybe just rescue their boss… or maybe both? Who […] Read More >>

It’s a CBL bonus episode! We had a chance to check out the new animated feature BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE and sat down to discuss it. Mark Hamill’s reprisal of his classic Joker notwithstanding, how does the film — and by extension, the classic 1988 graphic novel — hold up to scrutiny? What are they […] Read More >>

CBL #35: Spider-Man 3 (2007)

by Kevin on July 24, 2016

The Summer of Spidey comes to a close with the often maligned 2007 film SPIDER-MAN 3! Sam Raimi may have disowned it, but are emo Peter Parker’s finger-guns and hair flips really so bad? Has this movie maybe aged a bit better than we expected, or are we right to leave it on the trash […] Read More >>

The Summer of Spidey continues this week with the 2004 sequel SPIDER-MAN 2! Sam Raimi and the whole gang is back and they look as tired as ever. This time Spider-Man faces off against the villainous Doctor Octopus, whose complete lack of foresight and attention to safety protocols causes CGI mayhem all over Chica — […] Read More >>

It’s the Summer of Spidey on Comic Book Logic! This week we kick things off with Sam Raimi’s 2002 blockbuster SPIDER-MAN, the film that spawned 2 sequels and who knows how many future reboots. It was a web slinging good time 14 years ago, but how does it hold up in a post-MCU landscape? And […] Read More >>

This week, the contractually obligated X-Men alternate timeline movies continues with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, featuring GAME OF THRONES alum Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS hero Oscar Isaac as McDonald’s Grimace! Does this new world-ending installment live up to its surprisingly enjoyable predecessors, or has Sony dropped the ball again? And […] Read More >>

The next installment of the MCU is upon us with CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR! Which side will your hosts take: Team Cap? Team Iron Man? Team William Hurt? Be warned that this episode, as always, is chock-full of SPOILERS so if you are one of the two or three people who haven’t seen this movie […] Read More >>

Sit back, relax, and slip on your most comfortable Italian leather shoes, because this week we’re dissecting the 1990 direct-to-video CAPTAIN AMERICA! There are no winter soldiers or civil wars here, but there are plenty of absurd Italian accents, dirt bikes, and beautiful assassins out to kidnap the president. Is this Roman holiday schlocky, B-movie […] Read More >>

Comic Book Logic: 300 (2007)

by Kevin on April 15, 2016

This week the Zack Snyder-athon continues with the 2007 historical mini-epic 300! Joe and Kevin discuss the film’s gratuitous use of CGI, ample shirtless beefcakes, and some of the beardiest beards they’ve ever seen. Does the meme-worthy movie hold up, or should it have been chucked off a cliff at birth? Plus we return to […] Read More >>

This week, Joe and Kevin debate the latest divisive entry in the DC cinematic universe, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and just like director Zack Snyder they go BIG! With so much to unpack, the episode goes long, so they can do justice to Batfleck, mopey Supes, Wonder Woman, and all your favorites, with […] Read More >>

This week, Joe and Kevin suffer through the 2013 disaster MAN OF STEEL, in which a British Superman mopes and grimaces his way to murdering an alien in order to get a job at a newspaper. Does this spell bad news for DC’s probably-too-late-to-matter attempt at building a cinematic universe to rival Marvel? More importantly, […] Read More >>

This week Joe & Kevin gear up and take revenge on the 2004 action flick THE PUNISHER, starring a too-serious Thomas Jane and a consistently bewildered John Travolta. Does this tale of a family reunion gone awry satisfy, or are your hosts the only ones being punished? We also talk our fantasy casting, and share […] Read More >>

Comic Book Logic: Blade (1998)

by Kevin on October 18, 2015

Today we dissect and try to find a cure for 1998’s Blade, starring Wesley Snipes and country legend Kris Kristofferson! Joe talks about the 70s roots of the fearless vampire killer, while Kevin continues to adamantly defend his hero, Donal Logue. All this plus fantasy casting and our Top 3 vampire movies of all time. […] Read More >>

In this episode of Vinyl Exams, Joe, Kevin, and special guest Mik talk about all things METAL! They discuss Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Dio, and find out which metal bands are most like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. They also find out just how many different kinds of metal there are, and […] Read More >>

It’s year in review time at Vinyl Exams, and Joe and Kevin have some very different opinions on the state of the music industry. Tune in for the guys lobbying for their favorite albums and tracks of the year, and find out why Yeezus is like The Hobbit. Read More >>

Click here for pt. 1! #10: Mikal Cronin, “Weight” The opening track from Mikal Cronin’s essential MCII is a power pop gem, the likes of which can be hard to find in this decade. “Weight” seems stripped right from the heady college rock days of the late 80s and early 90s, and its hooks and melodies […] Read More >>

I’ve ranted tirelessly about making lists, and refused to rank my favorite albums of the year. And yet, here we are, at the start of a numerically ranked list of the year’s best songs. What can I say? The people love numbered lists. Naturally, “best of” lists are trite and subjective, so there’s plenty of room […] Read More >>

Well, it’s that time of year: the time when all the magazines, blogs, and podcasts start cobbling together their year-end lists. Last year, I put together a series of “lists,” generally unranked, that attempted to catalog everything I thought worthwhile about the year. And once again, the exhausting futility of list-making drove me this year, […] Read More >>

In this episode, the guys discuss movie soundtracks, film scores, and Disney. Plus they tackle two of the soundtrackiest soundtracks of them all: Flash Gordon and A Kind Of Magic, from the one and only Queen! Read More >>

Joe and Kevin dedicated an entire hour to talking about The Rolling Stones! They talk favorite songs, albums, and moments from the legendary band’s long and varied career, and as always agree and disagree on just about everything. Read More >>

In this episode, the guys discuss what happens when artists from great bands go solo, and Joe gives his extremely specific rules for all musicians. They also talk about Daft Punk’s 2001 album Discovery, and why Kevin doesn’t really dig electronic music. Plus Joe makes fun of Kevin for liking Air. Read More >>

On this month’s episode, Kevin and Joe talk about building their collections and how they enjoyed their Record Store Day. They’ll also hypothesize about Bruce Springsteen’s seminal work Born to Run, and butt heads over “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.” Who knew a brass section could be so divisive? Read More >>

The inaugural episode of Vinyl Exams, our brand new music podcast. Kevin & Joe discuss Record Store Day and consider what’s driving the resurgence of vinyl in a modern era of mp3s and cloud streaming services. We also gush over Elvis Costello’s 1977 debut album My Aim Is True and dig into pub rock and what […] Read More >>

Tame Impala

Now that the favorite albums are out of the way, I wanted to wrap things up talking about some outliers and old favorites. This list shouldn’t be taken as a “best of”; rather, these are songs from albums that for one reason or another didn’t make my previous articles. While I might not wholly recommend […] Read More >>

I mentioned in an earlier article that this year I more actively sought out new music, doing my best to keep up with artists I already respected, new records from those I might have missed, and new acts worthy of attention. Even with Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, Grooveshark, and whatever else you might use to discover […] Read More >>

Spotify, the streaming music service that has completely revolutionized the way you listen to music or whatever, has compiled a list of the most streamed songs of the year, which you can check out here. As a public service and also perhaps out of some morbid curiosity, I decided to listen to this playlist, essentially to […] Read More >>

This year I plan to tackle the year in music a little differently. Tons of sites, blogs, and magazines are going to publish meticulously crafted lists, most of them ranked, and usually collaborative. I’m not really interested in ranked lists—quibbling over the placement of  #6 and #8 seems pointless when there is so much great […] Read More >>

Columnists Joe and Kevin take you through the experience of learning to read comic books. Each week they alternate as Joe (the teacher) explains why he picked a specific book, and Kevin (the student) gives his impressions. Previously on CBL  Inherent to superhero comics, especially the ones we’ve read so far, is the sheer fantasy of […] Read More >>

Columnists Joe and Kevin take you through the experience of learning to read comic books. Each week they alternate as Joe (the teacher) explains why he picked a specific book, and Kevin (the student) gives his impressions. When I began this project, my biggest fear was opening up a book and having absolutely no idea […] Read More >>

Ever since Christopher Nolan’s sepia-toned superhero noir Batman Begins appeared in theaters, I’ve participated in plenty of discussions about comic book movies. Since most of what I knew about comic characters I learned from feature films and cartoons, I was always particularly aware of how heroes and villains were portrayed on screen without the burden […] Read More >>

In high school I had a friend who was a comic book fan, and she did her best to introduce me to some of her favorites. She read a few major series like The X-Men, but she also liked a lot of “alternative” and “indie” comics, so I encountered titles like Bone, Johnny The Homicidal […] Read More >>

Fringe wrapped up its fourth season tonight, which I suppose might be a good chance for reflection. But I’m finding that difficult, both because of the unevenness of the season’s storylines and because of FOX’s erratic schedule, causing Fringe to disappear from our TVs for months at a time. Someday in the future I’ll be […] Read More >>

Columnists Joe and Kevin take you through the experience of learning to read comic books. Each week they alternate as Joe (the teacher) explains why he picked a specific book, and Kevin (the student) gives his impressions. The first book in our series, The Death Of Superman, exists in a very different universe than this […] Read More >>

I’m not going to grade this week’s episode, because I’d rather wait to see how “Brave New World” plays out. And there was a lot this week that raised some interesting questions (and a few not so interesting ones) that should give us a lot to chew on over the summer. By the end of […] Read More >>

Before we get to “Worlds Apart,” the big news of the week is that FOX has pulled the trigger on ordering that shortened fifth and final season of Fringe, with 13 episodes airing likely this fall/winter. The episode total will just hit 100, the magic number for syndication, which as we all know is where […] Read More >>

Columnists Joe and Kevin take you through the experience of learning to read comic books. Each week they alternate as Joe (the teacher) explains why he picked a specific book, and Kevin (the student) gives his impressions. The first images you see in the bound collection that comprises The Death Of Superman are of a […] Read More >>

Last week I thought “Letters Of Transit” might be a reference to Casablanca, but there was another movie that informed most of this week’s episode: Star Wars. From Walter’s line “These aren’t the ‘droids you’re looking for” to the Observers’ wicked Jedi mind tricks, to the scene at the old Massive Dynamic that mimics the […] Read More >>

This weekend was C2E2, as we’ve been writing about extensively on this very site, so it’s taken some time to sit down and give this week’s Fringe a proper write-up. Unfortunately my DVR missed the first 15 minutes for whatever reason (it’s Comcastic!), so I missed the initial premise involving a crashed plane that brought […] Read More >>

Comic Book Logic: Issue 0 Pt. 2

by Kevin on April 14, 2012

Columnists Joe and Kevin take you through the experience of learning to read comic books. Each week they alternate as Joe (the teacher) explains why he picked a specific book, and Kevin (the student) gives his impressions. This week, in honor of C2E2  we get into the psyche of why our columnists are undertaking this […] Read More >>

Hey look, Fringe fans, it’s a Lincoln Lee episode! Lee has been pretty underused this season, despite being a fairly strong addition to the cast in season 3. Seth Gabel plays pensive and stoic fairly well, and Olivia’s loss of memory, which seems to have effectively killed any chance of a relationship between them, gives […] Read More >>

Fringe doesn’t often bring back its Freaks of the Week, but the triumphant return of the spiny-backed Marshall Bowman, who we first met in the Season 1 episode “The Transformation.” The fake-out in the cold open was, at first, less than gratifying, especially once it became clear Bowman was going to transform Hulk-style on the […] Read More >>

First: a confession. Over the last few weeks, my recaps of Fringe have slipped both in length and quality, which is something I’m not terribly proud of. Sure, my excuses are a full-time job and a different, much larger writing project I’ve been working on, plus just having bought our first house; still, because my […] Read More >>

The Observers! Mysteries revealed! A race against the clock! This week’s Fringe made some big promises, and it certainly delivered on some of them. While this wasn’t the shocker some might have been expecting — you know, those episodes where you go “Ohhhhhhhh!” after a big reveal — it was a solid episode, driven by […] Read More >>

Peter just can’t catch a break, can he? When he showed up in the middle of a lake this season, surrounded by versions of the people he knew and loved who had no idea who he was, it took weeks for him to final gain some small acceptance. Walter was the hardest to win over, […] Read More >>

Universes colliding, realities merging, bizarre events that defy the natural world: Mulder and Scully sure have a lot on their hands this week. There was a vintage X-Files feel to Fringe this week, which makes sense, because the supernatural adventures of Mulder and Scully have always been a major part of Fringe’s DNA. It’s easy […] Read More >>

This week’s Fringe was a bit of a head-scratcher. After last week took some time off from the main storyline to give us a few quiet character moments, “Making Angels” took a similar approach, forgoing heavy action and pursuit for more dialogue and story, but the story was richer, more focused on our characters. It […] Read More >>

A bald guy with a gunshot wound shows up to tell you he has predicted your inevitable death. Who better to conveniently appear next but a girl with precognitive abilities who can see when and how you’re going to die? “Forced Perspective” was a breather, a step back from the high tension and action of […] Read More >>

This week’s Fringe picks up right where last week’s “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” left off, with Peter getting Walternate’s help to get home in exchange for spreading the word that Walternate isn’t behind the new race of shape-shifters. Peter is becoming increasingly desperate to get home, but as expected, it’s not going to […] Read More >>

I’ve been looking forward to the return of Fringe, despite my misgivings about this season. It’s been feeling more disjointed, fragmented, as if the story wasn’t fully realized before they started shooting episodes. “Back To Where You’ve Never Been,” the first episode after the lengthy winter break, is the first episode of the fourth season […] Read More >>

And so it ends. Terra Nova wrapped up its first season last week, so while we wait for word from FOX on the show’s renewal for a second season—which we’re likely to get sometime in January—I wanted to spend a little time thinking about the season and where it went wrong. The biggest problem with […] Read More >>

The titles of tonight’s episodes really sum up this show, don’t they? First, the bad guys show up and there’s an “Occupation,” then the good guys form a “Resistance.” When you can surmise the entire scope of an episode—a season finale, no less!—from skimming the information on your program guide, you know you’re in for […] Read More >>

Well, here we are. Next week is the “epic” (according to the FOX promos) season finale of Terra Nova, but first we have tonight’s hour of slapdash sci-fi to get through. You know, writing episode recaps of a show you really like and appreciate can be as exhausting as it is rewarding; writing about this […] Read More >>

"Eh, this show sucks. Let's bail."

I have some vacation time from my day job to use before the end of the year, so I spent today unwinding from the holiday weekend, putting up a Christmas tree, and catching up with the current season of Boardwalk Empire. A show like Boardwalk, with its detailed set and costumes, grand storylines and shorter, […] Read More >>

Watching Terra Nova week after week, I often find myself wondering how good of a police officer Jim is supposed to be. In the pilot, we only got a brief glimpse of the Shannons’ lives in 2149, and in those few minutes Jim a) failed to hide his daughter from the Population Control enforcers and […] Read More >>

We’ve come to FOX’s annual winter break, where they take a bunch of their shows off the air and run American Idol six nights a week. This season has been hit or miss so far, which is somewhat disappointing considering the terrific third season, but there have been some great moments, to be sure. Fringe […] Read More >>

The recent release of the generous, overwhelming, super-deluxe The SMiLE Sessions box set got me thinking about my relationship to Brian Wilson & Co. Collecting seemingly every possible version of every possible song from The Beach Boys’ 1966-67 sessions gives listeners an exhaustive set of tools with which eager fans might essentially build their own […] Read More >>

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

With only two episodes left in the first season, Terra Nova fans (yes, there are fans of this show, just as there are fans of every show, defying expectations and reason in the process) are likely going to be waiting a long time before finding out whether there will be a second one. Ratings have […] Read More >>

Last week’s episode gave us a pretty good idea how Peter’s return would affect those around him, particularly Walter and Olivia. We’ll see how Walter deals with this sudden gift, after having spent the years since his Peter’s death punishing himself, convinced that he doesn’t deserve any sort of happiness. And how will Olivia deal […] Read More >>

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Terra Nova’s executive producers, René Echevarria and Brannon Braga, talk fairly optimistically about the show’s direction for the season and how it will set up a second. They confirm that while the show originally indicated it might take a more serialized direction, what with all the mysteries involving […] Read More >>

During the two weeks off, I confess I didn’t give a lot of thought to Fringe and its storyline this season. Recently, though, I re-watched the still very good “Subject 9,” which, as I mentioned in my review, felt like a throwback to the first season. It was more capsulized, however; the bizarre occurrence of […] Read More >>

Welcome back to Terra Nova, everyone! For those adventurous souls still sticking with the time traveling wackiness, I applaud you. We are a resolute group indeed, unphased by things like falling ratings, hack writing, and mediocre, occasionally cringe-worthy acting. We’re in this show for the long haul, and if FOX decides Terra Nova’s time slot […] Read More >>

Click here for part 1 Every year I spend October (and much of September, for that matter) watching some of my favorite scary movies. I’ve written about a few of them, and we’ve talked about a few more, but there are dozens of great movies out there that aren’t as much a part of the […] Read More >>

Every year I spend October (and much of September, for that matter) watching some of my favorite scary movies. I’ve written about a few of them, and we’ve talked about a few more, but there are dozens of great movies out there that aren’t as much a part of the annual conversation for some as […] Read More >>

Last week’s episode, “What Remains,” was hokey and full of clichés, but it did have a few interesting character moments that spoke to motivations and backstory. “The Runaway,” on the other hand, had none of that, and instead used a weak, played out story about double-crossing spies and disobeying orders to save the day to […] Read More >>

  If last week’s episode felt like a good old-fashioned episode of business-as-usual, tonight’s episode “Subject 9” reminded me of the first season: Walter at odds with Massive Dynamic, the emphasis on Cortexiphan and Walter’s early studies, fears about St. Claire’s. Most of the episode featured Olivia and Walter together, discussing Walter’s fears about his […] Read More >>

Horror Franchise Originals

by Kevin on October 14, 2011

I don’t care for slasher movies. Granted, that’s probably going to seem like a lie in a few minutes, because I’m about to spend them glorifying the original slasher movies. These are movies that pride themselves on not only their total body counts but in the increasingly ridiculous and occasionally graphic ways in which their […] Read More >>

Sigh. Here’s the thing. My recaps of Terra Nova so far have been from the perspective of someone genuinely excited about the show and its possibilities, and also someone who feels obligated to support it because of network television’s relationship to science fiction, which historically has been spotty at best and openly hostile at worst. […] Read More >>

In a lot of ways, tonight’s Fringe is just another day at the office, with Fringe Division taking on a killer fungus and a race against the clock to save a little boy’s life. It’s a plot straight out of The X-Files, Fringe’s spiritual forefather, but with a touch of the character studies we’ve grown […] Read More >>

This month I’m dedicating my column to talking horror movies, from the classics to the modern era. I’ve always been a horror fan, but I’ve noticed a shift in the genre over the years to include torture porn (the Saw movies, Captivity), awkward scares (The Grudge, The Haunting in Connecticut), remakes of horror classics (Halloween, […] Read More >>

OK, so my A- grade last week might have been a bit generous. It’s hard to evaluate the first glimpse of a show that you know has immense potential and delivers a premise that is pretty much a nonstop geek-out. Realistically it was probably somewhere around a B or a B+ … but come on, […] Read More >>

Last week, Fringe did what it does best after a big cliffhanger: carried on as if nothing happened. While there were hints at the big “Where is Peter Bishop?” storyline, the bulk of the episode was a straightforward Freak-of-the-Week introducing how our Lincoln Lee would be working with Fringe Division. “One Night in October” continues […] Read More >>

If there’s one new show of this fall season that has my fellow Planet Arbitrarians and I most excited, it’s definitely Terra Nova (and also New Girl). The series plans to ask big questions about human nature, such as whether the sins of our race can be avoided by simply starting over, and whether starting […] Read More >>

Hey, everybody, Fringe is back! Thanks for joining me for this inaugural edition of Spoiler Heavy Reviews for Fringe, and we’ll have all the lens flares and awkward Walterisms you can handle. Ever since FOX’s decision to move the show to the dreaded Friday night death slot (9 PM EST), fans have been anxiously keeping […] Read More >>

The 25 Best Wilco Songs

by Kevin on September 23, 2011

In honor of next Tuesday’s release of Wilco’s excellent eighth studio album The Whole Love, I put together a list of my 25 favorite songs from the band’s career. What do you think? What are your favorites? 25. Hummingbird From A Ghost is Born, 2004 (Listen) While A Ghost is Born didn’t really work as […] Read More >>

Movie Trilogies Follow-Up

by Kevin on September 16, 2011

If you haven’t yet listened to the Planet Arbitrary Podcast #27 on Movie Trilogies, please do so, because this article assumes we’ve already made the points we made there. The problem with movie trilogies is figuring out which of them are legitimately trilogies. The assumption that I was making is that a trilogy should be […] Read More >>

OK, so I’m watching the throne. Now what? Read More >>

This week Sam Adams wrote an article for The AV Club called “The convenience trap: What the changes at Netflix reveal about an insidious trend.” In the article, Adams argues that with Netflix and its competitors going all in with instant streaming, many films are at risk for being left behind due to copyright restrictions, […] Read More >>

Last summer I was kicking around the idea for a column called “In Defense Of,” in which I would take up the cause of defending some of our (my) guilty pleasures that too often are the butt of jokes or relegated unjustly to the barrel marked “LAME.” Bands like Journey and ELO, for example, would […] Read More >>

With 2011 more than half over, I’ve been looking back at some of the albums I’ve listened to over the last 6 months and I’ve been a bit, well, disappointed. It’s probably my fault: I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to old records (that’s right kids, records) and haven’t been catching up on […] Read More >>

Click here for #50-31. Click here for #30-11. 10. “Homer the Heretic” (Season 4, Episode 3) My own views on religion notwithstanding, Homer’s struggles with his faith in “Homer the Heretic” are quintessentially American: it’s not so much belief in God that he finds difficult, just the part about getting out of bed on Sundays. […] Read More >>

Click here for Part 1. 30. “Bart the Genius” (Season 1, Episode 2) The first proper episode after the holiday special “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” finds Bart in over his head after cheating off Martin Prince and ending up in a post-hippie arts school surrounded by, well, geniuses. Despite the rough animation and […] Read More >>

I’m extremely excited to be launching my new column on Planet Arbitrary with a look at my favorite episodes of my favorite show. Growing up, The Simpsons was probably the one show I made it a point never to miss, and while the its quality isn’t near what it was in those first eight or […] Read More >>