Game Classy 123: Kill Teamz

by Joe on September 25, 2016


GW news including 40k Deathwatch and Kill Team. Joe talks about hating MDF terrain, and Steve of course talks TREK.


This episode brought to you by Dragon-Fall, a Gaming Convention, at Pheasant Run in St. Charles IL, Oct. 15 and 16.

2 day 40K Champs event.  This year we are using the ITC format.  1850 pts.
2 Day Kings of War event.
2 day X-Wing Event,
And lots of single day events.  These incude:
  • Infinity ITS
  • Bolt Action- Escalation format, which is a new concept
  • 9th Age- using the new 9th age senarios
  • Arena Rex
  • X-Wing Hanger Bay
  • X-Wing Trench Run (which was in the Bolt Action room at Adepticon this year.  I am sure that you saw it.)


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