Game Classy 108: The Review of Deathwatch Overkill starts at 1:14:05

by Joe on February 28, 2016


Joe and Steve talk about the Pathfinder Humble Bundle and the Collectors vs. Accessers mentality. The also talk about the 7th Sea kickstarter, Deathwatch Overkill, and Steve getting salty over Street Fighter.

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The Aluminum Monster February 29, 2016 at 7:05 am

Wait guys, a few questions…first was Joe drunker than usual? Just as a matter of record. Second, why would you watch a crappy show (Dr. Who) hoping for a good episode when there are shows that are just good most of the time. Or at least enjoyable.

I like Supergirl. But if I only liked 3 episodes out of 12 I would stop and watch something else (Daredevil). It’s like playing 40kids, hoping that one edition will finally be good.

The episodic thing is pretty much universal in media. It makes or breaks comic books for me in pretty much all cases. I think it’s not even a problem with filler because there are tons of kickass episodes/comics/etc. that are just filler and could be taken out and it wouldn’t matter as far as the show. But the specific episode is so good it doesn’t matter that it’s filler. Like every episode of the Batman cartoon.

But most stuff I think is in the situation Daredevil is in. Meatier stories that you have to follow along from chunk to chunk or it makes no damn sense. As an easy example take the Walking Dead, it’s at like issue 250 or some shit and has been an uninterrupted story. If it was just one or two issues devoted to a particular plot, it would be totally forgettable.

On the other hand I am totally guilty dropping shows and comics because I missed some stuff and don’t want to go track it down or figure out where I left off so I just say, “fuck it”. If I couldn’t just go find episode guides and scan through them and find where I left off, I’d be even less inclined to finish long plots. All media should have a way to fold the corner of it over so I know where my place was.

Sort of a classic dilemma. Overall I think the best bet is definitely to have an overarching plot with some fillers (or side stories if you will). But even the fillers should have at least some bearing on the main plot while not necessarily being so vital that you don’t know why something important has changed. Enhance it, ideally. Like a scene in a movie where you take a piss break and you still know what’s going on when you get back, but if you watch the movie again later you’ll be like “oooohhhh that’s neat”.


The Aluminum Monster February 29, 2016 at 7:40 am

OH HEY I will be at Adepticon with Soda Pop. I will also be identified at Vendor Badge. That’s Japanese style. My name in English format would be Badge Vendor.


Joe February 29, 2016 at 7:45 am

wouldn’t that be Chinese format?


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