Comic Book Logic: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

by Joe on December 14, 2015


The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy comes to a dramatic, goofy, befuddling conclusion with the cinematic boondoggle THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Three years later, does the final film hold up, or should Nolan be thrown into a mysterious pit in the middle of nowhere? And at the end of the day, which is better: Batman voice, or Bane voice?

Our thoughts on the film, plus we recast the film with Quentin Tarantino at the helm in the mid-90s, and our Top 3 Fictional Movie Cities! Also, stay tuned after the podcast for highlights from our initial episode on the film, recorded in July 2012.


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The full, original, slapdash THE DARK KNIGHT RISES podcast from 2012
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