Game Classy 73: Banhammer 2014

by Joe on October 26, 2014


The boys talk about the newest “chapter” in the Games Workshop legal woes, as well as their latest release for “The End Times”. Steve fills us in on some Magic bans. The the boys discuss new terrain for Malifaux, Kickstarters that have been fulfilled, and some ambiance for your RPG needs.

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Cliff October 27, 2014 at 5:13 pm

Okay, kudos on you guys for busting out Ayn Rand on Uncle Joe. That was some good sh!t right there, but Rand was Russian. Which goes a long way to explain her hate on Socialism/Communism.

Malifaux only plays on 36″x36″. That’s a table at home. And the more you numbnuts talk about DZC, the more I feel pulled to play it.


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