Play On! – Farewell Nintendo Power

by Pat B on August 25, 2012

24 years people. For the last 24 years Nintendo Power has been gracing our mailboxes telling us the latest news from Nintendo. Well, no more shall we see that classic Nintendo Power banner fly atop the cover of Nintendo’s only printed word magazine. Nintendo is pulling the plug on Nintendo Power with an undetermined number of issues yet to be published.

My first issue of Nintendo Power

I vividly remember pouring over the pages of Nintendo Power as a kid. I can even remember my first issue, the Star Tropics issue. I remember bringing it to school so I could read it during S.S.R. You guys remember S.S.R., right? No? Silent Sustained Reading? Come on people! Anyways, we were allowed to read whatever we wanted during S.S.R. and always felt like a bad ass when I would pull out my copy of Nintendo Power to read for the 1,000th time. The other kids would always ask me if they could borrow it and I always let them because at that point it was already months old and I had already copied down all the codes from the “Classified Information” section.

Fuck Game Genie! I’ve got Classified Information!

I never actually had a subscription to the magazine but I always managed to sneak a copy into the grocery cart when my parents would take me shopping. The codes, the covers, the center fold posters, and of course the breaking news about the brand new Super Nintendo all made me tremble as I would race to take in all the information as fast as I could. Back in the day, there was nothing else like Nintendo Power. There was no internet at the time so the magazine was the supreme source of information for all things Nintendo.

My favorite issue of all time, I nearly shat myself when I saw it for the first time

As time went on, other gaming magazines gained popularity as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Informer, and the dreaded Game Pro all popped up on news stands. It didn’t matter to me though how many other game magazines were out there because I believed at the time that none of them were at the level Nintendo Power was, I considered it the gold standard for video game magazines. As I got older though, my attitude towards Nintendo Power changed.


Home consoles were exploding in popularity in the early 90’s and it seemed like a new console was released every week back then. With all the new game hardware coming out I needed to broaden my video game news horizons since Nintendo Power didn’t cover games like Road Rash for the 3DO or systems like the Atari Jaguar and or even make a mention about what was going in PC gaming at the time i.e. Doom, Wolfenstein, The 7th Guest, Myst. Nintendo Power just wasn’t cutting it anymore and I needed to move on.

After Nintendo Power, this became my bible

I never forgot about Nintendo Power though. I would always browse through an issue in the store if I saw it to see what new things the magazine was doing. I was also always eager to check out what crazy cover the magazine was sporting at the time. So, after 24 years it’s run is over and I’ll admit, I’m saddened by the news. Even though I haven’t checked out a copy of in a while, I always looked at it as an old friend. It was there in the beginning when I was just starting out in video games helping me to improve my game play, keeping me up to date with the latest and greatest from Nintendo, and also entertaining me with things like fan art and comics (NES and Nester, anyone?) Farewell Nintendo Power, you can rest now knowing that you have given us the power….the Nintendo Power.

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