Spoiler Heavy Reviews: Game of Thrones- “What Is Dead May Never Die”

by Joe on April 15, 2012

Game of Thrones S2E3: “What is Dead May Never Die”- Joe’s Rating~”C”

At the Red Keep, Tyrion plots three alliances through the promise of marriage. Catelyn arrives in the Stormlands to forge an alliance of her own. But King Renly, his new wife Margaery and her brother Loras Tyrell have other plans. At Winterfell, Luwin tries to decipher Bran’s dreams.  HBO Publicity

Oooo someone’s not having a good day. Last week Jon got a hit on the noggin when he discovered Craster sacrificing his sons to the Others. What’s even more so, Jeor Mormont knows. The line in Game of Thrones is never black and white, and as the Night’s Watch probe deeper into wildling territory, good and evil are simultaneously becoming more defined and more muddled. Now Craster wants the Night’s Watch off his land, and it seems that Sam’s new girlfriend is having a bit of an effect on him.

Bran is having strange dreams where he is his wolf, Summer. His Maester, Luwin, is trying to dissuade him of the truth of these dreams. He talks of how one time he tried to perform magic, but of course he failed. He claims that magic has left the world with dragons and giants, however he is unaware of their return. It seems as the rest of the storylines are focusing on politics, Bran’s is focusing on the reawakening of an older magic that was signaled by the birth of Daenerys’ dragons.

Catelyn has finally made her way to the Stormlands, after she was sent by Robb in the premiere. Before they can treat, she witnesses Renly’s boyfriend get bested by Brienne, a powerful warrior woman. It turns out there is a whole battle of political intrigue going on in Renly’s court. We see a power dynamic between his wife Margaery, her brother Loras, and Renly. It turns out more and more people are talking behind Renly’s back about Margaery’s virginity.

The Ironbrorn seek to take the north under the nose of Robb now that he’s south. Yara is given command to take Deepwood Motte, one of the strongholds in The Neck.  Theon, of course, is given a lesser role, and in a pretty amazing scene tells his father that he didn’t volunteer to go, that he was given. Theon is generally a weak character, he is a follower who has dreams of being bigger than he is. However in that scene, we actually see a crack in Balon Greyjoy’s cruelty. Why is he so angry at Theon? Is his cruelty really at himself? It turns out that Balon’s cruelty does have an effect however as Theon abandons Robb.

Tyrion seems to be having fun rooting out who is loyal and who isn’t. It turns out that Pycelle was the leak. Though he claimed he only did it to protect the Lannisters, but Tyrion is more worried about his own neck. Varys correctly points out that he is worried about his neck now that Janos Slynt was sent to the Wall last week, and Pycelle was put into a cell under the dungeon. However, he makes an interesting point about power residing where people believe it is. It’s funny because Tyrion doesn’t believe he has the power, he’s trying to consolidate it. Cersei believes she still has power. Littlefinger craves power, but Varys does nothing in the struggle other than stay out of the light, which coincidentally is what you need to cast “the large shadow”.

Poor Yoren dies defending Arya and Gendry from the Lannister men, but unfortunately they are captured and sent to Harrenhal.

The Good:

  • I cannot stress how great Theon’s speech to his father was, and the expressions on everyone’s faces just made the scene so much better.
  • That being said, the standout storyline was definitely Renly in the Stormlands.  I actually like Renly and think he probably would make the best “king”, but all you see is his own knights fighting each other. They are in it for the glory, not loyalty. Catelyn nails it on the head when she calls them “Summer Knights”.
  • Tyrion’s plan was doubly awesome as it simultaneously finds the leak, and makes Cersei look weak. Good job Tyrion.

The Bad:

  • Though this episode had some great standout moments, I cannot help but feel that a big chunk of tonight felt like our characters were noodling around. GoT seems to have developed a pattern of burning very slowly, and then hopefully, like last season, getting amazing half way through.
  • No Stannis!? Then why did we see Dragonstone in the opening?

The Weird:

  • What an amazing wife Margaery is huh?
  • Anyone else think Renly looks like Ryan from the Office?

From the Book (for readers)

  • So Shae was not Sansa’s handmaiden until much further down in the storyline, I wonder how this will deviate from the books?
  • Brienne, while the right size, doesn’t have any freckles, curly red hair, or a big flat nose, I guess you can’t have them all.
  • I still think it’s a bit much with Renly’s sexuality. In the books it is so subtle, you barely even notice.


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Kevin April 16, 2012 at 11:30 am

I enjoyed the episode for the most part, but there were a few scenes that dragged a bit. It’s been 3 straight episodes of establishing what’s going on in the various domains, which are necessary but how many episodes are they doing? Season 1 was 10…


Joe April 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm

only 10 this season. I feel that they are following the same formula as last year with this season where we have 5 set up episodes and then 5 straight amazing episodes.


Scrumpy May 11, 2012 at 10:48 am

I don’t recall the books ever saying Brienne had curly red hair. But yeah, they got a giantess who does modeling work to play her, what?


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