Spoiler Heavy Reviews: Game of Thrones- “The Night Lands”

by Joe on April 8, 2012

Game of Thrones S2E2: “The Night Lands”- Joe’s Rating~”B”

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The Night Lands are the place Dothraki souls go after death, but how sad is it that many of our cast of characters are essentially living at that moment right before death? Arya was taught to tell death “not today”, but here she is being being hunted and not just by the queen. Last week we only glimpsed Arya, now as we open on her peeing far from camp, hiding the fact that she’s a girl, we find new threats emerge from the three mysterious men in the cage. A man by the name of Jaqen H’ghar makes himself known, but why is such a polite man kept in such confinement? It also doesn’t help that Gendry, Robert’s bastard son, is being hunted by the City Watch of King’s Landing. Luckily, Yoren (the man who saved Arya) is there to protect his crew of miscreants. Gendry seems to be her only ally, as he confides that he knows she is a girl, however her admittance that she is Arya Stark seems to have thrown him for a loop. It’s quite funny considering he is of royal blood himself.

In King’s Landing, Tyrion finds Shae in the company of Varys. Of course Tyrion and Shae’s secret would be discovered, we all figured that, and why not by the spider? Tyrion makes a nice speech about how he knows how to play the game of thrones unlike Ned Stark. Which he does. While Ned spent all of his time on honor and duty, Tyrion cements his control. Cersei is vying for power, but she is losing to Joffrey, who is constantly acting out of turn and undermining the power structure she has built up. Every time Joffrey makes such a move, like killing Robert’s bastards, Tyrion seems to swoop in and take that bit of power. Just as with Tyrion dealing with the killer himself.  Janos Slynt, the man who slaughtered the baby, is relieved of command and sent to the Night’s Watch. Bronn is given control of the city watch. Meanwhile, the small council debates Robb’s demands, while their response is predictable, we also find out that the Night’s Watch are writing to the king that the dead are rising. Of course they ignore it, but we know that something evil is out above the wall.

Daenerys’ Khalisar is faring little better than they were last week when one of the riders’ horses she sent out returns with the riders’  head in a bag. It is interesting that tonight’s episode is named after the Dothraki afterlife, yet such a small portion of tonight’s episode dealt with Daenerys.

Theon returns to his place of birth, The Iron Islands. He is met by a mystery woman who takes him to see his father. His father belittles him for buying things with gold. He also finds that his sister, the mystery woman, has been in charge of the Iron Islands fleet. Yara Greyjoy seems to be the only one of Lord Balon Greyjoy’s children that is living up his expectation. Balon of course wants nothing to do with Robb’s treaty, and plans on winning his crown for himself. It seems he is going to attack someone, but not the Lannisters like Theon and Robb had hoped. Balon gave Yara control of the fleet, and that seems to drive Theon insane, but he doesn’t understand his own land. He is to much like the Starks to be a Greyjoy.

Davos on Dragonstone is courting backers for Stannis. Like Robb, Stannis is looking for ships, but it looks like Stannis is planning on attacking King’s Landing. Stannis is none to pleased however, as he is convinced he cannot win without more men. Melisandre says that she can give Stannis a son, and through that son the means to victory over Renly.

North of The Wall, Sam of the Night’s Watch finds one of Craster’s wives frightened by Jon’s Dire Wolf, Snow. Craster’s wife, Gilly, asks to be taken from the camp. It turns out that she is pregnant, and she’s afraid that it might be a boy. It turns out Craster does something to his sons, and it’s not too nice. Later, Jon sees Craster sneak off into the woods, with a child, presumably male. As he follows he sees the horrible truth that Craster is giving the children to the demon creatures not seen since the first episode.  Before Jon has a chance to warn anyone he is hit by Craster presumably knocking him out.

The Good:

  • The entire Pyke sequence was fantastic, Theon is incredibly out of his element. He is so used to be seeing what Robb gets, he himself is dying to receive the same level of reverence, only to see that it needs to be earned not given. The Iron Price.
  • The blatant symbolism of having sex on a map of Westeros was too wonderfully giddy for me.
  • I really like the humor in tonight’s episode. The scene with Hotpie and Lommy Greenhands arguing about what is a battle and Sam and Dolorous Edd talking about farting when you die were great character moments.

The Bad:

  • The number of storylines is getting to be a bit much. We are now losing characters for entire episodes Robb, Joffrey, Catelyn, Jamie…
  • Not to be nitpicky, but are they abandoning Stannis’ daughter from the story?

The Weird:

  • More incest Yayyyyy……..

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