Spoiler Heavy Reviews: Fringe – “Everything In Its Right Place”

by Kevin on April 7, 2012

Hey look, Fringe fans, it’s a Lincoln Lee episode!

Lee has been pretty underused this season, despite being a fairly strong addition to the cast in season 3. Seth Gabel plays pensive and stoic fairly well, and Olivia’s loss of memory, which seems to have effectively killed any chance of a relationship between them, gives Lee an opportunity to put those skills to work. And who better to help him get over Olivia than another Olivia?

This week’s episode was a fairly gruesome one, with melting bodies and oozing heads making for a jarring experience. But then, episodes that take place in Earth-2 are always a little jarring, especially as our heroes have one-by-one encountered their alternate selves. While “Everything In Its Right Place” was nowhere near as engaging as “Making Angels,” there were some strong moments, particularly in the final act.

Lee volunteers to travel to the Earth-2, saving Astrid a trip and giving him a chance to get away for a while. His mission is to brief the other Fringe Division on the comings and goings of David Robert Jones, but before he can he stumbles into a series of murders possibly committed by a shapeshifter targeting criminals.

We also learn that thanks to the Bridge between the universes, the rifts are stabilizing and previously uninhabitable ambered areas are being reopened. It’s this action that’s driving our killer out of hiding, forcing him to find a new place to hole up and wait for Jones to come for him—something that, of course, would never happen.

The most interesting part of “Everything” is the way it humanizes our shapeshifter. Of course, having him target criminals and junkies exclusively is a good way to get audiences to forgive his homicidal nature (besides, for shapeshifters it’s about survival), which is always something of a contrivance. But Fringe manages to work the shapeshifter’s sympathetic backstory into a plot device, shedding some light on Jones’ processes and giving the agents a shot at discovering the leaks.

Sadly, this week we lost alt-Lee, which is a shame considering he was blown up last season and managed to recover completely. They can repair burned skin but apparently gunshots are still quite fatal. But our Lee, realizing he’s not as useful in his own world, sees an opportunity to be needed, to be noticed, and decides to stay for a while. I’m sure we’ll see more before the end.

Kevin’s Grade: B+

The Good

  • Damn, Fauxlivia is a crack shot.
  • Lincoln Tyrone Lee. Kind of wish it was another Civil War reference, like Grant or Sherman.

The Bad

  • This episode needed way more Walter. Every episode needs more Walter.
  • Batman is way better than Mantis. Even I know that.
  • Speaking of Batman, I’m pretty sure Batman does exist in this universe, according to those Superman Vs. Batman movie posters in the second season.

The Weird

  • I’ve noticed that FOX has been using different hashtags for each episode, instead of #fringe. Tonight’s was #FaceYourself. Anybody ever use these?

Next Week: 4.18 “The Consultant,” and the return of Layne Price!

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Zytrec April 7, 2012 at 1:15 pm

You obviously never heard of Fringenuity and the site http://morethanoneofeverything.net
Well everybody use the hashtag that is why FOX has been using it instead of #fringe.

I think the thing that you never heard about that is weird!

“The Weird

I’ve noticed that FOX has been using different hashtags for each episode, instead of #fringe. Tonight’s was #FaceYourself. Anybody ever use these?”


Kevin April 7, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Nice, glad they’re catching on. Maybe using these will have a positive impact on the show! Haven’t seen these on any other shows yet, which is why I asked about it.


Fringenuity April 7, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Hi there, to provide more context on the hashtags, we’ve been coordinating social media campaigns on twitter, getglue, facebook, to get the word out and unite fan voices on these platforms so we can be collectively heard. While Nielsend data is still be used to gauge size of audience, we feel networks and studios are beginning to pay attention to Social TV. We’ve been using different hashtags to support the show since its return from Winter hiatus January 13th and have been able to trend each one worldwide. Since ep 4.15, FOX has been using Fringenuity’s tags. Check out this article. We’ve been successful http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118052070.html?cmpid=RSS|News|LatestNews&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


Roberto April 7, 2012 at 11:07 pm

One of the most kick a** moments in the whole series was Bolivia leading a small army into Massive Dynamics. Reminded me of Darth Vader entering the rebel base with storm troopers. She’s the brawn to new partner Lee’s brain. Then this mammoth victory over the SS quickly turns poignant with altLincoln’s tragic death. The best episode of S4 by far. A top 5 for the whole series. Wonderful. And a little maddening that all episodes don’t shoot for the bar this series has raised for all TV. Well done!


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