Spoiler Heavy Reviews: The Walking Dead- “Beside the Dying Fire”

by Joe on March 18, 2012

“The Walking Dead” S2E13: “Beside the Dying Fire”- Joe’s Rating~”B”

After last weeks shocking finale (that everyone saw coming), I fully expected this episode to continue right were we left off. Instead we get a little backstory into the massive walker horde headed to Herschel’s farm. It was almost quaint in the way the horde mentality to follow the helicopter led the walkers in an almost Forest Gump style quest across the south, interacting with all the locations our survivors have been, and it was Carl’s lone gunshot which drew their attention. It’s quite a comment on serendipity, wherein this massive horde which has overcome all it’s obstacles just happens to wander past the farm the moment there is a gunshot. To most it would be an almost ridiculous plot device, but in the world of The Walking Dead, it is fate that this would happen.

Rick and Carl of course are the first to see the oncoming horde and run for the barn. Whilst drawing in the walkers, Rick symbolically burns down the barn. The barn of course was not only where Herschel hid his infected family members, but it was also a symbol of repression. It’s where Herschel repressed his fear that there was no cure,  and it’s where Shane actually released his anger and repression out.

As the barn burned, the survivors attempt to draw the walkers off the farm, but the sheer size of the horde makes this task seemingly impossible. The decision to abandon the farm quickly becomes the only option. The group quickly becomes separated and only 2 redshirts die in the process. Lori, who was busy looking for Carl, takes off with T dog and Beth. Rick and Carl escape with Herschel. Daryl rescues Carol. Glenn and Maggie escape, but poor Andrea gets left to fend for herself.

Fortunately for some strange reason, all the survivors get the same idea to go to where they left the supplies for Sophia. They make out for the coast, but when they run out of gas, it’s revelation time. It turns out that in last season’s finale Jenner whispered to Rick that everyone is a carrier of the virus, which is why Randall turned without being bitten. For some bizarre reason this pisses everyone off.  Rick also confesses to Lori that he killed Shane, which pisses her off for some god only knows reason. It seemed like very forced conflict. There is no reason for the conflict, and it’s not like Shane was Lori’s favorite person, so why is she all pissed?

That just leaves us with Andrea, who since the farm has been running from The horde through the woods. Low on ammo, she would nearly be eaten except for a mysterious (spoiler alert) hooded  figure  wielding a sword and two chained up zombies.

So how does this season end? Season 1 ended with a literal bang, as they blew up the CDC, season 2 ends with Rick finally nutting up and taking control of the group. As the camera pans out, we get a glimpse of a building just over the tree line. A massive prison.

The Good

  • I love the opening
  • would you consider the first half of the episode tonight to be an homage to the original Night of the Living Dead?
  • With the walkers closing in on Rick and Carl after they jump off the camper and run into the woods, I was struck by the parallel to the first episode with Rick and Sophia being in the woods. Unfortunately they didn’t stay in the woods for long, but the similarities were noticed and appreciated, as I was not expecting it.
  • Really really cool previews and hints for what’s going on next season.

The Bad

  • Out of all the people they could’ve killed in tonight’s episode including Sophia, Dale, and Shane, they use the finale to kill off two characters who had a combined total lines less than T dog?

The Weird

  • If everyone is a carrier, and Lori had aborted her baby, would it be a zombie baby inside her?


see you guys next season, I’m going to be spending next week watching Mad Men, and then it’s time for a Game of Thrones!

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