Spoiler Heavy Reviews: Fringe: The Enemy Of My Enemy

by Kevin on January 21, 2012

This week’s Fringe picks up right where last week’s “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” left off, with Peter getting Walternate’s help to get home in exchange for spreading the word that Walternate isn’t behind the new race of shape-shifters. Peter is becoming increasingly desperate to get home, but as expected, it’s not going to be so easy.

You see, Peter can’t just walk away when he sees David Robert Jones in Fringe Division custody. His desire to return home is trumped by his moral code, and as the only one who has ever tangled with Jones before (well, some version of Jones), he knows he needs to help deal with whatever evil is cooking. In answer to last week’s mantra, it’s his fight now.

Jones is up to his old tricks, it seems, crossing over between universes and using shape-shifters to help him with his dirty work. What he’s up to isn’t entirely clear, but it’s a multi-phase operation involving double agents on both sides (Nina in this universe, Broyles in the other) and has more to do with our characters than any of them realize.

“Enemy Of My Enemy,” appropriately, lays the groundwork for the joining of forces between both sides: Walter and Walternate, Olivia and Fauxlivia (I refuse to acknowledge “Bolivia”), Nerd Lee and Hipster Lee. The teams will have to set aside their differences this season to face their common enemy, and without Peter, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Like Peter says, if nothing else he’s a variable Jones didn’t plan for, and they have to use that to their advantage.

Which is telling in and of itself. No one on either side really knows why Peter is here, but his arrival can’t simply be a coincidence. With all the talk of Peter returning home, it begs the question whether there really is a home to return to. I suspect Fringe is holding a few final mysteries close to the chest, but when even the Observers aren’t entirely sure why something has happened, it isn’t usually a good sign.

I did think this episode was a little on the nose, particularly with the melodramatic “We’re teaming up!” scene at the end. Fringe is at its best when plots unfold naturally, and Walternate, Lee, and Peter spelling out the situation recap style was a bit stilted. The pacing was solid, though, which has been fairly consistent so far this season. I still suspect big things this year from Fringe, but we’re a long way from seeing it come to fruition.

Kevin’s Grade: B+

The Good

  • Lee: “I lost a partner!” Peter: “I lost a universe!”
  • The effect of the portal closing on Olivia’s car and sawing off the front was pretty great.
  • More stellar work from John Noble.

The Bad

  • This review is a little short, mostly because I didn’t have a whole lot to say about “Enemy Of My Enemy.” It was an episode that existed to move the plot forward, without any significant character reveals or profound discoveries. It cemented a few stray pieces in place, such as Nina’s experiments on Olivia and Broyles’ deception, but “Enemy” had a far lower bar than, say, “One Night In October.”

The Weird

  • Alternate Astrid is adorable. Maybe a crush forming on the hunky timeline jumper?

Things to Think About

  • Tons, but let’s wait a week before we jump into “Why does Olivia have to die?”

Next Week: 4.10 “Forced Perspective,” and a little girl who can predict the future. Vintage Fringe!

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