Game Classy Podcast Episode 1: Vampire Counts!

by Joe on January 25, 2012

Joining the Planet Arbitrary family of podcasts is “Game Classy”!

Game Classy is a podcast dedicated to the table top. So sit back and roll a D20 with your hosts Joe and Steve as they take you through the wonderful lost world of old school gaming. If you like Wargames, RPG’s, CCG’s, or just two nerds goofing around, this might be the podcast for you.

This week, join your hosts Joe and Steve as they take the Warhammer train to Sylvannia and go knocking on the Von Carstein’s door.  Also, find out why Steve hates D&D 4th edition and why he hopes 5th with give Pathfinder a run for its money. All this and Adepticon on this installment of Game Classy, Chicago’s best worst gaming podcast.

~Remember: It’s always fun if you’re winning!

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