Game On! – Ok, so maybe I’m a little worried about the Wii U

by Pat B on October 21, 2011

This past Wednesday Metro posted an interview with Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu. In this interview Mr. Liu was asked about the Battlefield release planned for the Wii U. After reading this interview I got the feeling that a planned release is the only thing thats been planned so far. As far as what the actual game will be, that seems very much up in the air at this point. Patrick Liu did seem to confirm that any Battlefield title we see on the Wii U won’t be the same as the much anticipated Battlefield 3 we are all going to see next week. In the interview Patrick Liu talks about how DICE is still trying to figure out a way to creatively implement the WiiU’s hardware, specifically the controller, into the game play of Battlefield. Maybe I’m jumping the gun on this a little bit but this interview worries me.

Will map displays and item inventories be the only the way first person shooters use the Wii U controller?

If a premier development studio like DICE is still trying to figure out a creative way to work the fancy new tablet controller of the Wii U into the action then how do other studios fare? I know I was high on the excitement of the Wii U’s unveiling at E3 but now I’m not sure how to feel about it. After reading this interview I almost got the sense that Nintendo just went in the direction they wanted to go in with the Wii U and told third party developers to follow if they dare. Now I know Nintendo said during this past summers E3 conference that they will have strong third party support for the Wii U but for how long? Will we see game studios take a stab at the Wii U with one title and then abandon it or will they accept the challenge of developing for the new console? I hope the Wii U doesn’t suffer from the same thing its predecessor did by having a large selection of terrible third party games that did a terrible job of using the Wii’s motion controls for anything else other than rolling a bowling ball, swinging a bat, or hitting a tennis ball. What do you guys think? Am I worrying over nothing or are some of you feeling the same way?

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Anthony October 23, 2011 at 9:24 am

I think Nintendo is in a bad place right now. The 3DS has been a huge let down and now it appears that they’re going to relaunch a new venison of it with dual analog sticks to compete with vita. At the end of the day though the WiiU has to have better software support so that we can get past the same Nintendo character games that we’ve been playing for way too long. Maybe they can pur their creativity into creating some new exclusive games that are more mature and bring new life into Nintendo.

Also they should rerelease the power glove 🙂


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