Nerd School: GOT COK! Game of Thrones Season 2 Casting Roundup Part 2

by Joe on August 29, 2011

Looks like its time for an update on who’s gonna play who in season 2 of Game of Thrones. So lets skip all of the “me trying to be clever” banter and get right to the chewy nougaty goodness.

Probably the most important character cast since the first round is Asha Greyjoy who will be played by Gemma Whelan. Though I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Jem-ma I’m pronouncing it like the G in Gum. Why? Because I’m tired of playing this game with women who have G’s in the beginning of their name. Anywho the character is getting a name change to Yara, I’m assuming for the same reason Robb Arryn became Robin, so as not to confuse people. You see the wildling played by Tonks is named Osha, though for the life of me I don’t recall it ever being used in the series. I’m very suprised that the character, who has a very big role to play in the series is being given to an actress with very few credits, but that seems to be the MO of the top brass on the series. It turns out that Whelan is also a comedian, which should actually lend an interesting take to the character who at times can be very funny. However she was in Gulliver’s Travels soooooooooooo yeah.

Another huge name in cast is the character of  Xaro Xhoan Daxos who plays a very prominant role in Daenerys’ story this season. Playing Xaro is Nonso Anozie who was actually one of shining moments in Conan the Barbarian (opposite Khal Drogo). A bit of a change from the Mercenary pirate, Xaro is a pureborn diplomat, the kind which willdominate Daenerys’ storyline for next few seasons. Anozie has the screen presence and to play a larger than life character like Xaro, but I am interested in seeing him play a much subtler character than Artus. On a side note, I think it’s interesting when googling the character, that much of his fanart shows him as white, for some odd reason I always saw him as very dark skinned.

Remember in episode 10 of last season when Arya is walking past the cart with all of the prisoners chained up and there was that one guy with the hood on covering his face? Well that guy is Jaqen H’gha, and he plays a huge role in Arya’s development in Clash of Kings. I won’t spoil toomuch, but he is just as instrumental as Syrio, if not more. PLaying Jaqen is being played by Tom Wlaschiha who has really not done much that I am aware of. In fact the only thing I found him in is an old episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures:

One of the cooler characters casted this season is Balon Greyjoy, Theon and Asha’s father. Playing the crumudgeon who sits on the Sea Salt Chair is Patrick Malahide, who is one of those great “that guy actors”. Irish with a history of working with Reny Harlan, My friends would probably know him best as the guy who played Arthur Frommer in “Eurotrip”. I can’t tell how well he’ll be as Balon. I know he is a good actor, but is he salty enough to play Balon? looking at his film credentials he tends to slant a bit on the proper side of things, so we’ll have to wait and see how he does.

Also playing an interesting role, but not quite that important this year is Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton. Roose is the is a knight who follows Robb, and he is descibed as strikingly pale eyes and a soft whispery voice. I also remember him being described as having thin lips. Though McElhatton is mostly known for theater work, his picture screams Bolton.

When Jon and the other Night’s Watch venture north of The Wall they meet two interesting characters who have long reaching ramifications for our characters. The first is Craster, the polygamist incestuous king of his own keep. Welshman Robert Pugh,  has a lot to contend with as essentially one of the more deplorable characters George R.R. Martin has ever created. Pugh is probably best known to my readers as Tom from the two part Doctor Who story from last year “The Hungry Earth”/”Cold Blood”. I rip those two episodes on a regular basis in my Who reviews, but it’s no reflection on Pugh who does a fine job, and I think could really capture Crastor.I want to throw a shout out though to Pugh being in one of my favorite movies, “Master and Commander“, where he played Mr. Allen.

Joe loves movies about seamen yarrrr...........

Also in Craster’s keep is Gilly, one of Craster’s daughter/wives. Gilly is very important to Samwell, as he develops a crush on the inbred girl. Playing Gilly is Hannah Murray who my wife has told me is fairly famous from the BBC show “Skins” which is essentially a show about British kids having sex. Whatever, I get it, I saw Harry Potter, no one ever watches those kids, I surprised the teen pregnancy rate at Hogwarts isn’t through the roof! Anywho, I think she’ll do justice to the role, she’s cute, but has that weird teeth thing going on which will help sell that she’s had a pretty fucked up life.

Also accompanying Jon north is “Dolorous Edd” Tollet who is one of my favorite characters even though he is a one note joke. He’s going to be played by Ben Crompton. At 36 I think Crompton is a little young for essentially an old codger, but I blame the next actor for that.


Though the character isn’t big, and will probably only appear once or twice, Pyromancer Hallyne is being played by Roy Dotrice. Dotrice is best known for reading the audiobook version of the series. A bit of a backstory, I’ll admit that I am a huge fan of audiobooks, and I have listened to all of the books in the series, however I listened to the Roy Avers versions and John Lee reading book 4. I then found out that everyone loved this Roy Dotrice guys version. So I listened. All the women sounded like old pirates or leprechauns or pirate leprechauns. It was really weird.  But people pretty much ran riots through the streets over John Lee taking over for book 4. So they got him back for back for book 5. Anyway he’s in this season as a cameo, good for him.

Congratulations Mr. Dorice on having the most baffling fanbase ever


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