Game On! Goes on a FieldTrip – Game Pazzo, Downers Grove, Illinois

by Pat B on August 7, 2011

Hello Everyone!
Pat here to tell you about a little field trip myself and fellow Planet Arbitrary contributor Joe took down to Downers Grove, Illinois to check out a place called Game Pazzo. Game Pazzo is the video arcade evolved, the arcade of tomorrow, today! a modern day arcade for the next generation of video gaming. I think every gamer at some point has wished that there was an arcade of home consoles. Well, Game Pazzo has granted that wish and made it a reality. I’ll admit I was pretty curious and even a little skeptical on the drive down about how an arcade of home consoles would work. Once I was inside, Game Pazzo made me a believer. Not only does the console arcade setup work but I also felt like I was in a classic arcade complete with music playing and the sounds of various video games all mashed together. Game Pazzo is the next step in the evolution of video arcades and it’s a step in the right direction.

the row of 23 inch screens is perfect for teamplay

Rows of Xbox 360’s, Playstation 3’s, and Nintendo Wii’s all hooked up to big flat screen TV’s and smaller 23 inch screens for team play on your favorite FPS’s. Each screen has a cushy leather chair or a massaging video game chair with built in speakers parked in front it for maximum comfort as you play. You can use headphones if you like and you can even use your own gamer data that can be loaded via a USB thumb drive. There’s also Game Pazzo id’s you can use as well if you just want to jump right into the game play.

A row of Xbox 360's with video game chairs lined up in front of them

Game Pazzo also has something for the PC gamer as well with a whole PC gaming section complete with gaming PC’s hooked up with Comcast Xfinity Internet for all of your online gaming needs.

So, When you walk in you check in at the Game Center to purchase game time and select which game your going to play from a pretty lengthy game menu. After you’ve selected your game, a game tech hands you a controller and your game and then takes you back to your system, that’s it, you’re ready to play! Game Pazzo also features a full Rock Band stage with all the accessories and is also used as a karaoke stage for karaoke nights and a performance stage for comedy nights as well.

For those of age, there is a full bar and lounge to grab a beer or a shot or two or three. You can also just kick back and watch the game on a number of flat screens in the lounge.

Feeling a little hungry? Game Pazzo also serves food at their cafe that offers up pizzas, Bowser burgers, Sonic the Hedgehog hot dogs, and Master Chief Nachos. There’s food combos available and all of the energy drinks you can handle. Game Pazzo can also host your private, corporate, and party event in the Xfinity Zone. A private room with couches, more cushy leather chairs, game consoles, and a large projection screen available to just you and your guests. Basically, anything a gamer could want Game Pazzo can provide. Game Pazzo also features game release nights where gamers get to pick up their pre ordered game, grab a bite to eat, and enter drawings to win some sweet prizes.

In addition to everything Game Pazzo offers in the arcade there’s also a store in front complete with new release games, used games, game accessories, and game console repair services.

Game Pazzo has taken everything a gamer wants and put it in one place. If you enjoy video games and you’re even remotely close to the Chicago suburbs or just passing through you MUST make a trip over to Game Pazzo. For more information check out

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Anthony August 7, 2011 at 9:15 pm

I want to go to there.


Pat B August 7, 2011 at 9:27 pm

It’s my church


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