Nerd School: Game of Thrones S1E8 “The Pointy End”

by Joe on June 5, 2011

Game of Thrones S1E8 “The Pointy End”~Joe’s Rating “A”

The countdown has begun and here at the penultimate penultimate episode we see the ruins made of Ned Starks’ pointless coup, and out of the ashes a new rebellion springs to usurp the rule of the boy king.

What’s going on in Westeros:

Vaes Dothrak: The Dothraki make their way to the sea taking the sheep men as slaves to trade for gold so they can afford passage across the narrow sea. However Daenerys, not being fond of rape, forces several of the men to give up their “spoils”. Luckily Drogo decides to defend her honor and gets a slight “fly bite” in the process.

The Wall: At the Wall the bodies belonging to the hand found last week have been recovered, and in the process have decided to take on a life of their own. Also word of Ned’s imprisonment has reached Lord Mormont and her warns Jon not to do anything stupid.

Winterfell: As word of Ned’s imprisonemnt reaches the far north Robb decides to take matters into his own hand and marches against the Lannisters. He gathers his bannermen and goes south starting a new rebellion.

The Eyrie: With Robb marching south Catelyn asks her sister to lend the support of the knights of the Vale to his cause. Of course since Lyssa is batshit crazy she says no. Meanwhile Tyrion and Bronn on their way to the Lannister camp come across some of the mountain tribes. With some quick barganing and a nice word from papa Lannister the mountain tribes decide to work for the Lion.

King’s Landing: At the capital the Lannisters move against the Starks, and it’s not pretty. Luckily due to the intervening Syrio, Arya manages to escape, but not with her innocence intact. Sansa tries to use her love as a bargaining chip to get her father mercy, and Joffrey concedes. Unfortunately Ned is stuck in the dungeon…

The Good:

Syrio….we hardly knew ye. That’s a hell of a way of going out.

I loved me some Shagga. and speaking of which I’m glad to see Tyrion back after his hiatus last week.

Robb is really taking control and Richard Madden is doing a great job, far better than I expected from earlier in the season. A particular favorite scene is his dealings with Greatjon Umber.

Speaking of which, how awesome was the Greatjon? I really wish IMDB was better with their cast lists, because I really wanted to know who played him.

I really want to congratulate the the show for finally figuring out how to blend all of the scenes. I barely noticed the transitions. I have great hope for the show in the future with it’s much more convoluted story arcs. However, I feel a lot of that has to deal with tonight’s episode being written by Martin himself.

The Bad:

The confrontation in Lord Mormont’s room could have been WAY more scary. I know a big complaint from some people I talk to is that the show should have more fantasy elements, and they kinda breezed over something that should have been treated a bit more fantastical.

I’m sorry but the “Direwolves” are just large dogs. I have a feeling why we don’t see them that often on screen.

The Weird:

Hodor penis…

No videos this week, Youtube is being stupid.

Next week: We see a man about an axe?

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