Nerd School: Game of Thrones S1E10 “Fire and Blood”

by Joe on June 19, 2011

Game of Thrones S1E10 “Fire and Blood” ~ Joe’s Rating “B”

I think it’s fair to say that the real finale of the show was last week, and this week is merely a prelude to next season. However, with that being said, next season looks like it is going to rock. So now that the hubbub of Ned losing his head is over, and I think people are finally getting it into their heads that neither dragons nor magic will save him, I believe we can progress with the story.

This week’s episode sets up the upcoming conflicts that will be highlighted in the next season, and you can see the threads that will be going on.

1. The Lannister’s will be fighting a three sided fight against, not only Robb in the North, but Stannis and Renly Baratheon in the South.

2. Tyrion is going to have his hands full being the new hand of the king.

3. Jon will be joining the Night’s Watch in their sojourn north of the wall

4. Arya will be traveling north with Yoren, Gendry, and a shit ton of creepy looking individuals

5. Robb’s still going to fight the Lannister’s, but as the King in the North.

6. Sansa will be tortured by Joffrey for the time being.

7. Daenerys is now in charge of her own Khalasar, and oh yeah she’s got dragons.

Out of everything that happened this week, I think the most emotionally resonant was Daenerys’ story. Daenerys is one of those great characters that you really feel for, as she’s never really had it good. However, finally she makes it (like Mariah Carey in Glitter) Only to have it taken away in such a brutal fashion (like Mariah Carey in Glitter). It will be sad losing Jason Momoa, as I really liked his portrayal of Khal Drogo, but for Daenerys to lose not only Drogo, but her son, that was brutal.

The Good:

-an all around good episode,I think everything was set up perfectly for next season including cameos for important characters in Arya’s story.

-I always like it in fantasy works, when people pledge loyalty.

-Sansa looked brutal this episode. I know she’s going to have a bigger part next season, I hope that Sophie Turner can keep up the crazy. I also loved all the heads on spikes.

-The Lannisters were in rare form this episode with Tyrion impressing his dad and Jaime pissing off Catelyn.

-Ah Little Finger and Varys. They will be the characters to watch next season.

The Bad:

– Once again the writers tell and don’t show us all the cool things including Daenerys crazy birth and the hatching of the dragons. I was almost positive they wouldn’t show the dragons this season.

– Robb crying was not cool or well acted

-Ugh Sibel Kekilli is terrible.

Art Parkinson was pretty bad as Rickon too.

-The whole Night’s Watch speech was very silly.

-Once again they have a really cool monologue complimented by a naked woman. Maester Pycelle’s little speech about kings was really cool, but I don’t want to hear an old guy talk while seeing a naked woman, it’s distracting.

The Weird:

Something a little nitpicky, but Daenerys’ hair would have/should have burned off.

The only people who wanted to see Julian Glover dong are Lucasfilm fanatics.

I leave you with this

That’s it for this year!

Thanks for reading.

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