Game On! – Top 5 Classic Console Games For iPhone

by Pat B on June 1, 2011

The iPhone/iPod Touch is the new must-have handheld gaming device with literally thousands of titles to choose from. While there are plenty of original games that you can and should download, today I want to give my Top 5 classic console ports that you can now play on-the-go and on-the-potty.

Ports of console games are a fast growing market for iDevices, but they don’t always succeed largely because of the touchscreen. This Top 5 game countdown is in my opinion, the best value and experience that developers have crafted around the iDevice screen size and unique control style.


#5 – Secret of Mana ($8.99)

Originally released in 1993; “Secret of Mana” is to this day still one of the hardest games to find for your dusty old Super NES.

Yes, the app is $8.99 but it’s worth it. The touch controls are well laid out, the graphics look great on the retina display and you’ll get easily 20+ hours of classic gameplay. If you loved Secret of Mana for your Super NES back in the day, you’ll love it on-the-go now.


#4 – Earthworm Jim ($4.99)

Oh that cute and viscous little worm. Jim kicked butt and made funny noises in 1994 and he can still do it today.

Well spaced-out buttons, clean controls and beautifully remastered Retina graphics equals a fun side-scrolling action adventure game in the palm of your hands. The kids love the worms. (This was a toss-up between Sonic the Hedgehog which get’s an honorable mention.)


#3 – Final Fantasy 3 ($15.99)

I can hear you now. $15.99 for an iPhone game?! Calm down. You’re getting a PS1-quality game with more production value than a lot of current-console $60 games.

High quality remastered graphics, 30+ hour gameplay, and controls laid out specifically for the touchscreen. Plus you get a full-size Final Fantasy epic on-the-go. A must-buy for RPG or Final Fantasy fans.


#2 – Tetris ($0.99)

Do I really need to explain why this has made the list? Everyone has played and loved Tetris and if you haven’t now’s your chance! Tetris has been voted the best game of all time since it’s early NES days. The formula has barely changed since 1988, but if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Being able to touch the screen to interact with each shape just feels right. It has the perfect on-the-go gameplay with the classic Marathon mode and an all new “Magic” mode which adds cool new elements to the classic gameplay. I wish EA would update it to support Retina display, but it still looks nice regardless.



#1 – NBA Jam ($0.99)

IT’S ON FIRE! This is by far my favorite iPhone game. Super fun gameplay, great multiplayer, stunning Retina display HD graphics and slick animations. EA nailed the controls with super responsive movement and simplified, easy to press button layouts.

Basketball fan or not, NBA Jam is still the funnest Basketball video game available. This is a must-have game for any iDevice owner looking for a fun, fast-paced game.

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Pat B June 3, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Great picture of the super nintendo!


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