Game On! – E3 2011: Sony Conference Highlights

by Pat B on June 6, 2011

Tonight Sony held it’s E3 2011 Press Conference where they unveil the next year’s worth of Playstation 3 and NGP (Vita) goodness. Here were the hot, warm and cold announcements of the conference.

——————————————— What’s HOT ———————————————

  • Sony’s official apology about the lengthy PSN outage caused from the crippling hacks.
  • Sony’s new handheld device, NGP, officially named “Playstation Vita”. $249 USD for the Wi-fi only version, $299 USD for the 3G version.
  • A new Little Big Planet game specifically for the Playstation Vita titled “LittleBigPlanet”.
  • The ability for cross-platform gaming between PS3 and the Playstation Vita like the announced “WipeOut 2048”.
  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was showcased with a lengthy demonstration.
  • Resistance 3 was announced and demonstrated.
  • NBA 2K12 announced and demonstrated by Kobe Bryant.
  • Infamous 2
  • “BioShock Infinite” will include a copy of the original BioShock game exclusive for the PS3

——————————————— What’s WARM ———————————————

  • HD Remastered games being re-released: God of War: Origins collection, Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus, formerly PSP games. Ico and Shadow of Colossus.
  • PS3 will soon offer the CinemaNow service.
  • A mediocre looking Star Trek game coming in 2012 with new “phaser” controller.
  • Street Fighter X.
  • A heap of Playstation Move games like “Medieval Moves: Desadmund’s Quest”, “007” and “Transformers” are coming to PlayStation 3.
  • The announcement of “Starhawk”, a PS3 “run and gun third person shooter” as Sony describes it, due in Q1 2012.
  • Closed BETA for DUST at the end of this year, full release in the Spring.
  • The announcement for Saints Row the Third.

——————————————— What’s COLD ———————————————

  • A new Playstation 3 branded 3D 24″ display.
  • The AT&T Partnership for the 3G service of Playstation Vita.

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