Game On! – E3 2011: Microsoft Conference Highlights

by Pat B on June 6, 2011

Today Microsoft held it’s E3 2011 Press Conference where they unveil the next year’s worth of Xbox 360 goodness. Here were the hot, warm and cold announcements of the conference.

——————————————— What’s HOT ———————————————

  • Halo 4 teaser trailer was shown with a release date of Holiday 2012.
  • Microsoft is bringing LIVE streaming television to Xbox Live this fall. They have a growing list of IPTV and cable partnerships, like Sky and Canal.
  • Microsoft announced that you will soon be able to access all of YouTube on Xbox Live.
  • A new game called “Ryse” was shown that utilizes the Crysis 2 “Crytek” engine. Ryse is set during the Roman Empire:
  • Minecraft is coming to Xbox with Kinect support this winter exclusively on Xbox 360.
  • A new Xbox 360 dashboard is designed to look and function similar to the Windows 7 smartphone layout.
  • Xbox 360 exclusive titles that were shown: Gears of War 3 and Forza Motorsport 4.
  • The original 2001 Halo is being remastered and released with Halo 3-graphics and controls. It will also include multiplayer with all of the original maps playable.
  • A new Tomb Raider game was officially announced. A gameplay trailer was shown:
  • “Kinect Me” is a new feature of Kinect that scans your body, face and clothes and recreates you as an avatar.
  • BioWare showed off Mass Effect 3 and how voice commands through Kinect will work in the game:
  • Kinect Sparkler is a new app that tracks your finger and allows you to create 3D art.

——————————————— What’s WARM ———————————————

  • An extended Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer was shown:
  • UFC live events will be available via Xbox Live.
  • Microsoft showed the improved and expanded Kinect voice control features for the Xbox dashboard and Xbox Live.
  • Microsoft is releasing a new Kinect exclusive title for children called “Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster”.
  • Three EA Sports games were announced with Kinect voice and motion integration. Tiger Woods, Madden, and FIFA.
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2 and Dance Central 2 were announced and demonstrated.
  • Ubisoft showed off Ghost Recon 3 and how you can use Kinect to manipulate your weapon. They claimed that the gesture control with Ghost Recon 3 will “pave the way for Kinect”.
  • Microsoft is integrating their search engine “Bing” to let you quickly search all of Xbox Live via voice and text interface.
  • Kinect Googly Eyes. Scans and captures your objects into a game much like the original Kinect trailer showed of the boy scanning his own skateboard into a skating game.

——————————————— What’s COLD ———————————————

  • Kinect Star Wars. This looked like an awful on-rail shooter that has you shaking your hands around to pretend your a Jedi.
  • Disneyland Kinect Adventures was announced. It’s a recreation of the magic kingdom that lets you enjoy rides from the park digitally.
  • A new Fable game titled “Fable Journey” was demonstrated. Heavily integrated with Kinect to do motion and voice control.

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