Nerd School: Game of Thrones S1E6 “A Golden Crown”

by Joe on May 22, 2011

Game of Thrones S1E6 ~ Joe’s Rating “A”

Here we are getting to the latter half of the first season, and after a couple of rough episodes,  This week and lasts have proven that this series has legs. (Well the series has legs, Eddard only has the singular leg this episode.

What’s going on in Westeros?

In Winterfell, Robb is dealing with the fact that his father has been attacked and he is being goaded into starting a war by Theon. Bran’s new saddle is complete and as he is riding, he is attacked by wildings. Robb is crucially unable to finish killing them, and it is Theon’s arrow which ends the skirmish.  Robb takes the female who looks alike a member of the Order of the Phoenix captive.

Meanwhile at the Eyrie, Tyrion decides to fight his case in the court of Catelyn’s batshit crazy sister, and even crazier nephew. He demands trial by combat, and gets his champion in Bronn, the mercenary introduced last week.  Bronn gives a good stab to Ser Varas and kicks him through the Moon Door, and by Moon Door I mean hole to about a thousand foot drop.

In King’s Landing, Eddard is awaken by a crabby Cersei  and a leg with a hole in it. He resumes his post as Hand so that Robert can go hunting with his whiny brother.  It turns out Ser Gregor’s been on a tear since he lost the Hand’s Tournament. Eddard essentially makes him an enemy of the state and makes Ole’ Tywin Lannister come to King’s Landing to defend The Mountain. While all this drama is happening Sansa makes googly eyes at Joffrey, and Arya keeps on practicing with Bob Ross.

Happy little political intrigues...

Happy little political intrigues...

Finally in Vaes Dothrak, Daennerys  eats a horse heart, while Viserys pulls out a sword (which is a no no) and demands a crown. Khal Drogo grants his wish by melting a some gold and pouring it over his head.

The Good:

This episode is solid, finally blending the storylines in a way which seems natural.

Y’know I’m completly against spousal abuse in all forms, but I liked it when Cersei got slapped (Does that make me a bad person?)

I feel like Theon’s little scenes, which weren’t in the book seem to really flesh out his character. I don’t like making comparisons to the book because I feel the show should stand on it’s own without the book’s shadow looming over it, but I feel this is the one addition I feel needs to be acknowledged.

Syrio comes back this week, and delivers another good Yoda-esque training scene. “There is only one god, Death, and the only thing we say to him is…Not today.”(sic)

Even though Bronn kicks some ass in the Eyrie, I think it’s his facial expressions that make him an excellent addition to the show.

Mord is funny. He’s the Hodor of the Eyrie

How many people turned to their respective others at the end and said “That’s the name of the episode!”

The Bad:

Oh My God!!!! Joffrey has blond hair! We get it. Everyone get’s it. Eddard is officially the slowest person in Westeros.  BTW I love how it comes to him in that “House” moment.

Renly (who looks like he belongs on the Tudors) comes in this episode and really turns the whine factor to Sansa levels.

The Weird:

No Wall for two weeks now.

I don’t know what it is, I know everyone in this series looks weird, but man Joffrey and Lysa both look like muppets.

I’m not going to watch episode 7 yet, maybe next weekend. I still don’t have HBO to go on my computer.

This weeks theme


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Bill May 23, 2011 at 2:17 am

I think there’s maybe only 2 wall scenes left for this season. I know you don’t want to compare to the book, but it’s kind of hard not to when they seem to literally be going chapter by chapter.


Bill May 23, 2011 at 3:34 pm

The thing I fear for those unfamiliar with the book is it getting too complicated. There are a lot of plotlines going on, and it could be a bit overwhelming to keep track of. Martin keeps the chapters fairly short so you’re never too long away from a character. If a character isn’t featured in an episode, it’s easy to forget what they’re doing. Will people remember Jon Snow and what’s going on at the Wall? I know the recap does give a reminder. What do you think?


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