Nerd School: Game of Thrones S1E4 “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things”

by Joe on May 8, 2011

Game of Thrones S1E4 “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” – Joe’s Rating: C

A really appropriate title for an episode that hobbled along this week.

What’s happening in Westeros this week?

On the wall Jon Snow is making friends with newcomer Samwell Tarley, and not many others. Ser Allister gives a creepy warning about winter on the wall.

In Winterfell, Tyrion shows up and gives Robb a verbal bitch slap about how to be a lord. He also shows Bran how he can ride horses again. Also Theon decides to talk about his favorite prostitute.

Vaes Dothrak has some fun happenings as Viserys starts to find out that he’s not really the one in charge anymore.

Finally in King’s Landing Ned finds out that there’s not many he can trust. Littlefinger seems like he’s the Stark’s best friend giving Ned little clues to what Jon Arryn was looking into (hint hint it’s one of Robert’s bastards) before he died. The Hand’s tournament also goes off with Ser Hugh getting a lance to the throat. Sansa is still mad at Ned, and Arya refuses to be a pretty pretty princess.

Oh Yeah Catelyn has Tyrion arrested in a tavern on her way back to Winterfell.

The Good:

– I like Samwell, he’s essentially the Neville Longbottom of the story, but the guy playing him is neck-beardy enough for the character.


– Theon shined a bit in his moment this episode.

– How many other guys turned to their significant others and whispered “That’s the name of the episode!”

– Rodrick Cassel’s little moment with Jaime was nice, It was also cool to hear the characters talk about the Greyjoy Rebellion, and why Theon is in Winterfell. It little things like this that makes me like characters like Jamie more.

– The bathtub scene with Viserys was a little uncomfortable, but actually gave his character some depth instead of keeping him as the two dimensional villian he has been for the last 3 episodes.

– Littlefinger’s story to Sansa about the hound and the mountain was very well executed. He is a very slimy character played to perfection by Aiden Gillan. What’s great about that scene is how it serves 3 purposes. It sets up the hound and the mountain’s backstory, it shows how creepy Littlefinger is, and it shows how naive Sansa is about knights.

The Bad:

– Samwell is huge, I know he’s supposed to be fat, but that guy looked like he could do some damage if he put his weight behind him.

– An overall SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW episode. I was hoping for more of the Hand’s tournament.

The Weird:

– Alright I know as a fan of the books I’m aware of things that have not yet happened, but man the show seems to be taking all of the mystery right out of the story. First Jon’s mother, now Gendry. For a show that’s working on a 3 episode slow burn they sure are throwing out the mystery in quite a hurry.

– Also how many people knew that Julian Glover was playing MaesterPycelle? This shows geek cred just got a bit higher with me.

-Jorah Mormont is, like Jaime, becoming one of my favorite characters in the show that I hated in the book.

– I know I’m bitching about the pace this week, but whatever they do, they cannot skip over the rest of the Hand’s Tournament

Hopes for Next Week:

We are reaching the midpoint of the season, and things need to pick up fast. I’m hoping for more of the the Hand’s Tournament. Maybe next week we’ll get to meet Ser Loras? Also we might get to see the Mountain in action. That’s really what this show needs, more action. The previews for next week show that it may pick up.

By the Seven!!!

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