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by Pat B on May 10, 2011

Hello Everyone!
Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I am fucking disappointed with Brink. For the past two weeks I have been watching game-play demos and visiting the Brink website to learn all I could about this game. I saw how the game heavily plays on the co-op factor and is very task oriented. This worried me since the game is a full speed first person shooter. Having to worry about teammates and completing a number of tasks while under fire can be distracting from just trying to make forward progress in the game and also have fun at the same time. I thought maybe, just maybe, they had found a way to incorporate all of the task and team oriented aspects of this game and seamlessly combined them with a full on first person shooter experience. Turns out all of my worrying was justified. This game is a cluster fuck of content.

Hooray Brink! You did something right! Since I have a severely under powered PC no where near able to play or display this game properly, I was forced into buying this game for a console. Hmm..360 or PS3? Well, since PSN is still no where to be found I was forced into buying this game for the 360. The system does a pretty good job of displaying this graphically intense game. The maps and details all look pretty good but the pure mess of action on the screen doesn’t really allow you much time to take in the scenery. Character models look pretty good as well with an endless amount of character customization available to the player. Overall, the game looks pretty damn good.

The in game sounds and music are good and definitely give the game a more epic feel. Explosions and gun shots are full and deep sounding and allow the player to enjoy firing their weapons. There are two bad things about the sound though. First, since this game takes place on an island, the character dialogue can be hard to follow since most people you interact with speak Rastafarian. It’s hard to follow the story as it progresses during the cut scenes because it’s just hard to understand what the fuck people are saying. Second, your teammates talk to you via a radio and are constantly calling out for help or telling you do something. It doesn’t stop and gets very annoying.

See game play.

Game Play
Here we go, the one aspect of the game that is suppose to tie everything together, it fucking failed. The controls are tight and responsive but this game goes at 100 m.p.h. in 100 different directions. First, the co-op. Co-op or team play has no goddamn place in first person shooter games if you constantly have to worry about everyone else on your team. You are constantly under fire from enemy combatants which is fine but you will need all of the firepower you can carry to make any progress in killing them. No, I’m not giving any of my precious ammo to a teammate, No, I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to go revive or give health to a downed teammate. What the fuck?! I thought this game experience was supposed to be about ME! Not me constantly worrying about my incompetent teammates that constantly get their asses shot. All throughout the game you are constantly prompted to give ammo to a teammate. Are you serious? I’m having a tough time as it is killing people, I’m not going to give my ammo to some dumb fuck teammate so he can do nothing with it and get killed.

Oh look, I get killed while a dumbass teammate watches it happen

Second, if your not busy enough with just trying to manage your team, the game has a series of check points that your team can capture while playing on a map. These check points can be used to switch your characters class in order to complete certain tasks during the game. This is stupid. Since your being shot at from all directions and your just trying to stay alive most of the time, asking a player to go through a gauntlet of gunfire just to switch classes is ridiculous. Engineers can repair things, Medics are, well, medics and blah blah blah. The classes are explained in a quick tutorial before the game starts and get this, the game actually bribes you with 1,000 XP points if you watch the tutorial all the way through before you start playing the game! Seriously, this has to be a first in video game history where a game actually bribes you with points to watch the how-to instructional video before you play. Of course, I pressed continue to watch the video and get the free points and then I walked away to blow my nose, thanks for the points.

The various classes to choose from

So back to the class oriented tasks, if you want to complete certain tasks you have to first capture a check point and then run back to it to switch classes if you come across a task you are not equipped for. Are you fucking kidding me?! I battled all the way through a map just to find out I have to turn around and go switch classes to complete a task so I can keep going?! As if this wasn’t enough, the game actually has the nerve to ask you to complete secondary tasks. These tasks vary but mostly consist of repairing in game objects. Ok, so lets get this straight, the game wants me to help and re-arm my dumb fuck teammates, capture check points, complete 2-3 main objectives, protect hostages that for some reason walk like zombies right into enemy fire, and complete up to two secondary objectives if I have the time….all while just managing to stay alive? What. the. fuck?! Doesn’t Bethesda games realize that most kids these days are ADD anyways? How the fuck is a gamer supposed to focus on completing all that shit when their asses are being lit up by the enemy?

Here is the objective wheel, this where you can choose your primary objective

This brings me to the enemies. These fuckers don’t die. Actually, they can be killed but only after you have managed to land enough kill shots to drop them to the ground. But wait, they are not dead yet, only wounded. The enemy will lay on the ground waiting for a medic to come by and revive them. Only when you empty another clips worth of precious ammunition into your wounded enemy will he then die. Basically, you have to kill these guys twice and since you have to stick to cover and dodge bullets most of the time, a medic usually gets to them and brings them back to life before you can finish them off. Now, this goes both ways. When you’re shot one too many times you will drop to the ground wounded. You can either choose to wait for a medic to come and revive you or to respawn. The only real advantage to waiting for a medic, that I saw, is that you get to stand back up where you were shot. If you respawn, you spawn a long ways back from where you were shot so you have to run all the way back to where you were.

Have some health because your ass is gonna die soon

So, now we are up to all of the in game tasks that need to completed, all the secondary objectives, protect stupid ass hostages, manage your team of idiots, capture check points, and try to survive while being shot at by enemies that don’t die. HORSE SHIT! I don’t mind doing things in video games but this game goes way too far. What about multiplayer? Fuck that! Games like this are not fun in a multiplayer setting. I’m not a team guy. I don’t want to have my video game experience wasted on reviving teammates and giving my ammo away to everyone. This is like saying “Well, I don’t want to be the one who wins this game so here, take my health and ammo guys, good luck!”

This game is Black Ops or Fallout on steroids. It has all the content of those games but tries to pack it all into a fast paced first person shooter game Black Ops. The difference is that games like Black Ops or Fallout focus on a few things and do them well. Black Ops gives you the weapons and maps and then gets out of the way so you can play the game. Fallout has endless amounts of content but it paces itself in the way it introduces that content to the player. Brink just tries to do everything all at once and it just turns into a massive cluster fuck.

I give Brink 3 Planet Arbitraries out of 5

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Anthony May 10, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Absolutely awesome review man! Very well done! I had the same concerns so it’s good to hear them all addressed.


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