Game On! – Project Cafe? The Stream? Wii 2?

by Pat B on April 23, 2011

Picture of a concept controller for the new Nintendo System, Check out more at

So, if you have been reading the tech sites lately you may have been seeing more and more press about a rumor saying Nintendo is working on a new game console. There are all kinds of wild rumors and speculations being thrown out there, none of which Nintendo is confirming, but the rumors are getting so intense that by the time we know anything about this new system we may also discover if there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll, too soon? All of this began over a week ago with very baseless and unconfirmed reports that Nintendo is planning on dropping the price of the current Wii console. Of course, this rumor then led to another rumor saying that if Nintendo is going to cut the price of the Wii then they must be preparing to announce that they have a new game console in the works.

The timing of all this is what’s throwing gasoline on the wildfire of rumors going around. E3 is just around the corner so what better time than now to slash the price of the Wii and then announce its successor at E3. It’s gotten to the point where now unconfirmed codenames for the new system are being leaked out such as Project Cafe and The Stream. Along with the codenames, there have been actual unconfirmed tech specs released as well. If these rumors and unconfirmed tech specs turn out to be true, Nintendo may be planning on reclaiming the crown it once wore in the 90’s as king of the consoles. Since the rumors are starting to read more like actual facts, there is a buzz growing in the gaming community that we may be playing the first system belonging to the next generation of consoles sooner than we think. Read more here to find out what hardware Nintendo may be planning to put under the hood of this new gaming beast.

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Anthony April 23, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Nintendo Stream sounds like urine


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