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  • Game Classy 65: Season 3
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Joe and Steve start off by going old school and actually talking about games. This week they discuss the Stormclaw box set and talk about if it is really as much a bargain as everyone says. They also discuss Hex’s response to WotC’s lawsuit and the Armymals kickstarter. All this and a kickass selection of […] Read More >>


The one where we talk about the 2014 EVO Championship, newly announced gaming hardware, Xbox One June sales, Anthony joins the “PC Master Race”, and Annie and Pat swap stories from “The 7th Guest”. Enjoy!   Read More >>

Game Classy 65: Season 3

by Joe on July 6, 2014


Joe gets really giddy about the new Dungeons and Dragons Starter set, The boys commiserate over the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter, and Steve goes down an 80′s cartoon time sink. All this and some sweet new bandanas. A special thanks to our sponsor: Northampton Wargamers…Keep reaching for that rainbow! If you wanna send some stuff […] Read More >>


The one with a special shoutout to listener Angel, Crytek’s financial troubles, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar, the 2014 Steam Summer Sale, our new opinions on Emulators, and Pat’s special trip to the Mortal Kombat Actor Reunion at Galloping Ghost. Enjoy!   Read More >>


Ever wish you had a t-shirt for the Play On! Podcast? WISH GRANTED. Get the official Play On! Podcast T-Shirt, on sale, today! https://www.teepublic.com/show/36495-play-on-podcast Read More >>


Its a relatively slow news week, but the boys fill it with some Kickstarter news, Game Reviews,  and making fun of Games Workshop. If you wanna send some stuff to be on “What’s in the Box?” contact Joe at Joe@planetarbitrary.com A special thanks to our sponsor: Northampton Wargamers…Keep reaching for that rainbow! Follow Joe and […] Read More >>


The one with special guest Joe from Game Classy where we talk about Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watch Dogs. PS4 sales, the largest online video game collection sale, and some of Joe’s E3 excitements. Enjoy!   Read More >>


The one where we breakdown the “big 3′s” conference during E3 2014. Anthony reviews Microsoft, Pat reviews Sony, and Annie reviews Nintendo. Enjoy!   Read More >>