• Game Classy 59: Aderpticon
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 40: The Great Atari Landfill
  • Game Classy Special: Super Dungeon Adepticon!
  • Game Classy 58: Barbarossa Kawaii!!!
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 39: Twitch Rage

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Game Classy 59: Aderpticon

by Joe on April 13, 2014


Joe is back from Adepticon (which isn’t that big of a deal since its 10 minutes from his house) and gives his “stank report”. Steve also defends his comments about competition painting, while our heroes discuss the new imp guard codex, Cards Against Humanity’s new contest, and the current malaise for gaming. All this and […] Read More >>


The one where Pat talks about his trip to Adepticon with Joe from Game Classy, Pat has also rejoined the PC Master Race, Atari’s landfill of gold in New Mexico, Phil Spencer’s promotion to head of Xbox, Twitch follow-up and listener feedback, Pat’s retro recap, and more. Enjoy! Read More >>


Joe drags Steve’s ass to Adepticon to interview John from Soda Pop miniatures about their new Kickstarter for Super Dungeon Explore. They discuss everything you want to know from the break with Cool Mini to the Relic Knights delay. NOW LISTEN TO GAME CLASSY ON YOUTUBE!!! Don’t Forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe […] Read More >>


Joe tries to to figure out why Steve is going all Kawaii over a bizarre new game from, you guessed it, Japan. Also the boys go over the differences in their minds of Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore, more on Robotech, and GW dumping their social media presence. All this and a pretty in […] Read More >>


The one where we talk about Pat getting “Trolled” by Game Classy, Annie’s new 3DS game purchase, Facebook buying Oculus Rift, Pat’s rage about Twitch, EA dropping out of the 2014 Worst Company poll, Q&A from GameCollecting.net, and more. Enjoy! Read More >>

Game Classy 57: “Game Assy”

by Joe on March 16, 2014


Joe and Steve leave their buttcracks hanging in the wind as they give their uninformed opinoins on the latest Magic:The Gathering controversy. The boys also discuss Bar brawlin’ minis, Shadows of Esteren, Robotech’s fan’s latest complaints, Arcadia Quest, and Dwarven Forge’s latest Kickstarter. All this and Joe’s state of Chicagoland gaming review. A special thanks […] Read More >>


The one where we talk about “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, Annie’s new 3DS, Jack Tretton’s departure from Sony (SCEA), Pat’s impressions of Stryder, Anthony’s love affair with Titanfall, Dark Souls 2, Q&A from game collectors on Reddit, and more. Enjoy! Read More >>


Joe and Steve push it to the maxxxxx 90′s style this week as they cover explosions, energy drinks, and male beach volleyball. Well, actually they talk a lot of kickstarters including Arcadia Quest, Super Dungeon Explore, Vikings, Minotaurs, and T5 terrain.  All this and Steve loses it over some meeples.  P.S. T2: Judgement Day isn’t […] Read More >>