• Game Classy: Spookfest 2014
  • Game Classy 73: Banhammer 2014
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 54: Hatred for Hatred
  • Game Classy 72: SOLD!
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 53: Shadow of Mordor

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Game Classy: Spookfest 2014

by Joe on October 30, 2014


Katana Guy hosts a series of spooky tales by HP Lovecraft for your listening pleasure this Halloween. Special Thanks to Tabletop Audio for the background music Follow Joe and Steve on Twitter NOW LISTEN TO GAME CLASSY ON YOUTUBE!!! And comment on our subreddit!!!! Don’t Forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to us […] Read More >>

Game Classy 73: Banhammer 2014

by Joe on October 26, 2014


The boys talk about the newest “chapter” in the Games Workshop legal woes, as well as their latest release for “The End Times”. Steve fills us in on some Magic bans. The the boys discuss new terrain for Malifaux, Kickstarters that have been fulfilled, and some ambiance for your RPG needs. If you wanna send […] Read More >>