• Play On! Podcast Episode 50: Live at Galloping Ghost Arcade
  • Game Classy 68: Wrath of Gen Con II
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 49: Gamescom 2014
  • Game Classy 67: How to Succeed in Business (the GW way)
  • Play On! Podcast Episode 48: The Unbelievable Nvidia Shield Portable

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The one where we are recording live from Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL with special guests Brandon from UGRGaming.com, Joe from the Game Classy Podcast and the founder of Galloping Ghost Arcade, Doc Mack. Enjoy!   Read More >>


Joe just got back from Gen Con and boy are his dice rolling hands tired (Ugh that hurt to write.) He talks about Star Wars: Armada, Ass-ault, Conquest, and a bunch of other new games coming down the pipe. He also picked up some sweet figures for a give away. All this and Skullgash the […] Read More >>


  The one where we talk about the financial troubles of Candy Crush, Gamescom 2014 announcements, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer teaser, Anthony making money from Steam games, and a Pat’s Retro Recap of our recent journey to Galloping Ghost Arcade. Enjoy!   Read More >>


Wherein the boys review the starter set for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. If you wanna send some stuff to be on “What’s in the Box?”  or just get in contact, email us at Joe@planetarbitrary.com Follow Joe and Steve on Twitter NOW LISTEN TO GAME CLASSY ON YOUTUBE!!! And comment on our subreddit!!!! Don’t Forget […] Read More >>


Joe and Steve become the new CEOs of GW. Joe gets the Antares beta rules. The boys also go over some fond Convention memories. A special thanks to our sponsor: Northampton Wargamers…Keep reaching for that rainbow! If you wanna send some stuff to be on “What’s in the Box?”  or just get in contact, email […] Read More >>


The one where we talk about the lack of Neo Geo X news, new PlayStation sales figures, Electronic Art’s new “EA Access” program, Sony’s Beta PlayStation Now service, Nintendo’ archaic account management, Anthony’s Nvidia Shield purchase, and an interesting Pat’s Retro Recap. Enjoy!   Read More >>


Joe and Steve start off by going old school and actually talking about games. This week they discuss the Stormclaw box set and talk about if it is really as much a bargain as everyone says. They also discuss Hex’s response to WotC’s lawsuit and the Armymals kickstarter. All this and a kickass selection of […] Read More >>


The one where we talk about the 2014 EVO Championship, newly announced gaming hardware, Xbox One June sales, Anthony joins the “PC Master Race”, and Annie and Pat swap stories from “The 7th Guest”. Enjoy!   Read More >>